Lian Li Adds Two New Models to Its V-Series

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Continuously following the layout from the previous V-series models, Lian Li also upgrades functionality to the latest requirements of performance computing. Huge internal space for the largest graphics cards, support for 8 or 11 PCI slots, enough space for the gigantic HPTX motherboard, easily removable motherboard tray, front door for security and the front grill design with holes are all the advanced features of this series. No matter if it's for professional workstation, server or high-end system, gamers or pro-users, the all aluminum alloy with simple and yet stylish look of Lian Li's PC-V1020 & PC-V2120 are made for users looking for absolute choices.

The Lian Li PC-V1020 Mid-Tower Chassis
Dimensioned at 220x562x505mm(W.H.D.), weights only at 9.15kg, stunning front grill design with holes, and available in three colors of black, silver and red. The PC-V1020 features 5.25" standard optical drive x3; 5.25" to 3.5" converter optical drive x1; 3.5" HDD x7; 2.5" HDD x1. It supports ATX/Micro-ATX motherboards mounted on a motherboard bay that slides out on the back easily. Equipped with 8 PCI slots which can hold three or more graphics cards up to 305mm length supporting Crossfire™ and SLI™, this case allows full graphics power.

The Lian Li PC-V1020 is designed for an outstanding supply of cool air, offering two 140mm blue/red LED fans at the front, special cage for a 140mm at the top and one 120mm fan at the rear to draw the hot air out. Last but not least, an air filter is available to cover the vent underneath the mounted power supply unit at the bottom of the PC-V1020.

It is worth to mention that there is a set of wheels at the base of PC-V1020, for users to move the case around and lock the wheels in position. Other friendly package of Lian Li's PC-V1020 includes all I/O ports on the top cover for easy access; a PCI bracket connecting USB3.0 cable from I/O ports to the motherboard; the removable motherboard trays and thumb screw; tool-less optical drive mounting with rubber padding as well as tool-less HDD cage; an opening hole for cables as well as patented cable management clamp; and finally, an optional PCI Cooling Kit with 140mm fan for direct cooling of the expansion cards.

The Lian Li PC-V2120 Full-Tower HPTX Chassis
Dimensioned at 235x635x630mm(W.H.D.), it is designed to handle even the largest motherboard on the market for power users. Despite the enormous size and echoing internal space it only weights 14.4kg. The Lian Li PC-V2120 has a huge internal space that supports HPTX motherboards as well as 11 PCI slots for graphics cards up to 335mm long, and still enough room to fit five 5.25" standard optical drives and 13 hard drives. The motherboard tray slides out on the back of the chassis, making it easy to set up the system despite of the size of the components. Access to the front bays is secured with lockable door with noise reduction foam, while the side panels can be secured with locks. The door opening direction can be easily changed from left to right swing.

For air flow the PC-V2120 has three 140mm cooling fans in the front, one 120mm fan on the back, plus three pre-cut 120mm fan mounting holes on the top cover for more fans or watercooling radiators. A tray is separating the motherboard compartment from the PSU and storage space on the bottom of the case. Besides having openings for cable management it also offers mounting holes for two 2.5” drives for an easy access compared to the narrow confines of the 3.5” bays. On the front there is a fan controller for users to adjust the fan speed and get the best balance between silent and cooling. Just like the PC-V1020, there is an optional PCI Cooling Kit with 140mm fan for direct cooling of the expansion cards, vents on the PCI brackets, plus fire protected vents below the power supply unit with an air filter for dust protection.

The wheels design enables easy moving of the heavy system. Other details like the USB 3.0, easy I/O ports access, noise reduction on side panels, cable management clamp, motherboard thumb screws and etc. make the PC-V2120 most ideal for professional workstations, small server and the ultimate gaming rig.

For more details on features and extras availabilities, please check out Lian Li PC-V1020 and Lian Li PC-V2120.

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