Lian Li Introduces O11 Vision Chassis in Collaboration with PCMR

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅15.11.2023 14:22:41
Press Release

In collaboration with PC Master Race (PCMR), Lian Li have released the O11 Vision chassis, encompassing the premium features and materials you would expect to find with a new flair. The Lian Li O11 Vision, available in black or white, features three sides of 3mm tempered glass on the top, and 4mm tempered glass the front and side with a columnless design for an unobstructed view.

The black version features brushed aluminium panels, tinted top tempered glass and inner corner silkscreen, and powder coating for the white, clear top tempered glass, and outer corner silkscreen. The case features a clean front I/O with a power button, reset button, 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB Type-C, and 1 Audio (4-pole combined). The case still retains support for three different radiator mounts, with up to five storage drives, and ample cable management.

Efficient Cooling

The Lian Li O11 Vision boasts support for up to two 360mm radiators and one 240mm radiator. The case also features 27mm tall feet for ample air intake and flow. Including useful mounts such as a two-way reversible side fan bracket, allowing for more room for a push-pull configuration if desired, and a removable bottom fan bracket and dust filter for easier installation and maintenance. Users can also install your motherboard in two modes, for flexible cooling support. to add text to your template.

Adjustable Motherboard Tray

The motherboard tray can be adjusted and entirely removed, for easier installation of the motherboard and core components, and installed in two positions: high-mode and low-mode. High-mode gives you room for 1 120mm rear fan, 1 280/380mm radiator or up to 3 120mm/2 140mm fans in the side, and 1 280/380mm radiator or up to 3 120mm/3 140mm fans in the bottom. Lian Li recommend using a push-pull config in this orientation with 6 120mm fans on the side radiator. Low-mode offers enhanced airflow with an extra rear fan spot giving you access to 2 120mm fans, the same support for the side, but only allowing for fans in the bottom rather than dual radiators. A more suitable configuration for AIO users.

Rear installation

Lian Li offer plenty of cable management space in the O11 Vision, with flexible cable clips, that can be mounted almost anywhere along the vertical grommets pass through, for a more versatile use for thicker cables and on top of the clips are Velcro straps for thinner cables. The PSU mount protrudes 15mm from the rear, giving users more access to cable management.

There is a removable multi-function storage bracket for up to 3 2.5 SSDs, which can also be used for cable routing and can be installed in two positions for increased airflow or to make room for side-mounted radiators in push-pull configs. There is also an individual drive cage that supports up to 2 2.5 or 2 3.5 drives, which again, can be removed and allows for easier cable routing.

Pricing and Availability
The Lian Li O11 Vision is now available for pre-order at select partner resellers below.
Overclockers UK (United Kingdom): O11 Vision White ~ 144.95, O11 Vision Black ~ 139.98
PC Case Gear (Australia): O11 Vision White ~ AU$259, O11 Vision Black ~ AU$249
Newegg (United States): O11 Vision White ~ $149, O11 Vision Black ~ $139
CaseKing (Germany): O11 Vision White ~ 149.90, O11 Vision Black ~ 139.90

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