LIAN LI Introduces O11D EVO RGB Automobili Lamborghini Edition Chassis

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Press Release

LIAN LI and Automobili Lamborghini have partnered to bring forth the limited edition O11D EVO RGB Automobili Lamborghini PC case. The case is designed to showcase performance and innovation and is exclusively available in 6498 units. This state-of-the-art PC case represents the epitome of design excellence and is set to make a true statement.

"As we introduce the LIAN LI O11D EVO RGB Automobili Lamborghini Edition PC case, it's a testament to our unwavering commitment towards innovation and excellence. This partnership is not just about the collaboration with an iconic name, but also about redefining the boundaries of PC craftsmanship." Jameson Chen, CEO of LIAN LI

LIAN LI x Automobili Lamborghini
The LIAN LI O11D EVO RGB is a top-of-the-line PC case that is inspired by the very essence of Automobili Lamborghini. With the iconic Automobili Lamborghini logo on the front chrome mirror finish glass panel, along with meticulously crafted carbon fibre on the exterior and an Automobili Lamborghini dashboard. The case sets a new standard of excellence in the PC industry.

Crafted with Authentic Carbon Fiber
The LIAN LI O11D EVO RGB maintains its tradition of excellence by featuring authentic carbon fibre seamlessly integrated into its design. The removable top piece of the LIAN LI O11D enhances its sleek aesthetic and offers a tactile experience. The feet and IO module are made of complete carbon fibre, showcasing the strength and performance synonymous with Automobili Lamborghini.

Limited Edition 6498 Units
Limited to just 6498 units worldwide, the O11D EVO RGB Automobili Lamborghini Edition is a true symbol of exclusivity. Each unit is meticulously numbered to ensure authenticity, making it a unique piece of innovative excellence for discerning enthusiasts.

Automobili Lamborghini Dashboard
The LIAN LI O11D EVO RGB Automobili Lamborghini Edition has been inspired by the Automobili Lamborghini iconic designs. This advanced computer case is equipped with an ultra high-resolution 5-inch display that displays the CPU and GPU performance data in real-time. This cutting-edge feature offers a seamless connection between user and machine, providing an unparalleled experience.

Attention to Detail
Meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the design, with Giallo Orion colour accents and premium materials exuding an unmistakable luxury and performance. The RGB light strips, pre-set with the Giallo Orion Pantone colour, further enhance the immersive experience, channelling the competitive spirit of Automobili Lamborghini.

Pricing and Availability
The LIAN LI O11D EVO RGB Automobili Lamborghini edition chassis is now available for pre-order at Overclockers UK for 259.99 (incl. VAT). For more information on the LIAN LI O11D EVO RGB Automobili Lamborghini, please visit the LIAN LI website.

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