LIAN LI Launches GALAHAD II LCD Featuring IPS Display and Asetek Pump Technology

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Press Release

LIAN LI launches the GALAHAD II LCD, its first all-in-one cooler with a built-in LCD display. It features the newest 3600 RPM Asetek 8th gen. pump, a 2.88 inch IPS LCD display with a screen resolution of 480 x 480 pixels, 30mm thick radiator with fully rotatable 45° angled fittings, pre-installed fans and pre-applied thermal paste, and is backed by a 6-year warranty. The GALAHAD II LCD comes in 3 different options, a 280 and 360 with ARGB fans, and a 360 with UNI FAN SL INFINITY fans, each available in black and in white.

2.88” IPS LCD Display
The GALAHAD II LCD comes with a built-in 2.88” IPS display with 480 x 480 resolution to display various system information, such as CPU/GPU temperature and load, pump RPM, and coolant temperature.

L-Connect 3
Using L-Connect 3, users have 3 layers of customization for the display: preset effects, images (jpg, png), GIFs, or videos (mp4), and custom text. The display can then be rotated to match the mounting orientation. Most preset effects for the static mode, allow the user to adjust the speed and intensity. And, for the dynamic mode, the speed and intensity of the effects follow the system hardware reading (CPU/GPU load/speed/temperature). In addition, L-Connect 3 includes a built-in image and video editor to modify their screen recording or screen capture. Users can upload videos (MP4) up to 2GB into the editor, and upload up to 3 minutes of video into the display. The pump block is also equipped with two strips of diffused LEDs, also customizable via L-Connect 3, which complement the LCD display.

Asetek Cooling
The LIAN LI GALAHAD II LCD features the latest Asetek 8th-generation water pump which includes improvements such as a 3-phase motor running at up to 3600 RPM for high flow and quiet operation, a newly designed square cold plate optimized for the latest Intel and AMD processors, and under-the-hood system enhancements resulting in even quieter operation versus previous generations. In addition, the GALAHAD II LCD is equipped with a 30mm thick radiator featuring 20 FPI single wave fin design providing ample surface area and low airflow resistance for thermal dissipation when paired with lower static pressure fans.

Ease of Use
The LIAN LI GALAHAD II LCD radiator is designed with 45-degree rotary fittings to make the routing of the tubes and installation easier. The fittings can be rotated a full 360 degrees to adjust the tube’s orientation. Each model of the GALAHAD II LCD series comes with its fan pre-installed, and thermal paste pre-applied, making the installation of the AIO a breeze. Additional thermal paste is included in case the AIO needs to be remounted.

Pricing and Availability
The LIAN LI GALAHAD II LCD Series is available for pre-order starting October 18th, 2023. Now available on Overclockers UK. Also available in the United States via Amazon. See pricing below.
LIAN LI GALAHAD II LCD 280mm: £209.99 (incl. VAT)
LIAN LI GALAHAD II LCD 360mm: £229.99 (incl. VAT)
LIAN LI GALAHAD II LCD SL-INF 360mm: £269.99 (incl. VAT)

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