Lian Li Present the PC-O10 Dual-Chamber Chassis, Adopting an SFX PSU Form Factor

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November 15, 2016, Keelung, Taiwan - Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd is eager to announce its next O-series case: the PC-O10 dual-compartment chassis. Like the PC-O9, this case is divided into two chambers for easy organization – users can create immaculate, picturesque builds without spending hours planning cable management.

Full ATX Motherboards, Meet SFX PSUs

By adopting the SFX/SFX-L PSU form factor, the PC-O10 has a much slimmer profile compared to the PC-O9 and PC-O8. Lian Li cut the proportions to match that of a conventional tower, while maintaining the attractive and functional half glass, half aluminum design. With power efficiency ever on the rise, and an increasing number of high-wattage SFX-L PSUs available, enthusiasts no longer need to encumber their cases with bulky traditional ATX PSUs.

Dual Compartment Advantages with a Mid-Tower Balance

In spite of its leaner dimensions, the PC-O10 still fits E-ATX and Full ATX as well as microATX motherboards. With seven expansion slots, it supports multi-GPU setups with VGA cards as large as 340mm: plenty of room for even the best gaming builds. It accommodates CPU coolers as tall as 130mm. The PSU compartment can store up to four 3.5” and two 2.5” drives, with space in the main glass compartment for an additional 2.5” SSD. The dual-compartment layout puts attractive components in the limelight, while keeping cables, drives, and other less desirable parts out of sight.

Flexible Water and Air Cooling Possibilities

The bottom panel has mounts for two 120mm or one 140mm intake fan, with space for two 120mm outtake fans on the top panel. The back panel can additionally mount two 80mm fans. All fan mounts include removable, washable mesh dust filters. Users can instead opt to install a 240mm radiator fitting 320mm x 120mm x 90mm on the top panel. Water cooling enthusiasts will appreciate a removable, dedicated pump plate in the glass compartment with grommeted pass-throughs between compartments for elaborate custom loops.

Optional Accessories, Extras, and Inputs

Users can purchase the optional O10-1 PCI riser accessory kit to show off a dual-slot VGA card vertically in the same manner as the PC-O7. The kit replaces the standard expansion slot panel and includes the latest generation riser cable. The PC-O10 includes two USB 3.0 and HD audio ports on its front panel.

Technical Specifications

Model:- PC-O10
Case Type:- Mid Tower Chassis
M/B Type:- E-ATX/ ATX/ Micro-ATX
Dimensions:- (W)242mm x(H)493mm x(D)376mm
Color:- Black
Front Panel:- Tempered Glass
Side Panel:- Tempered Glass

Body Material:- Aluminum
Net Weight 7kg

5.25" drive bay (External):- None
3.5" drive bay (External):- None
HDD bay:- 3.5" HDD x4/2.5" HDD x3
Expansion Slot:- 7

System Fan (Optional):- 120mm fan x2 (Top)/ 80mm fan x2 (Rear)/ 120mm fan x2 (Bottom)
I/O Ports:- USB3.0 x2/ HD Audio
Maximum Compatibility:- VGA Card length: 340mm/ PSU length: 290mm/ CPU cooler height:130mm
Space of Radiator:- 320mm x 90mm x 120mm
PSU Type:- SFX PSU (Optional)

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