LIAN LI Presents Latest Innovations at COMPUTEX 2024

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We were able to visit the LIAN LI booth and check out their latest innovations and upcoming products this year at COMPUTEX 2024. LIAN LI presented new LANCOOL cases and new versions of the ever-popular O11 Series chassis. Aside from new cases, LIAN LI also presented the improved STRIMER PLUS V3 and UNI FAN SL V3 accessories. LIAN LI also presented the LIAN LI Edge Series PSU and HydroShift Series AIO liquid coolers.


The LANCOOL 207 is an M-ATX-sized case with ATX compatibility. To achieve this, the motherboard tray is lowered and recessed in the cable management chamber, and the PSU mounting is moved to the front with the ports facing the left side panel for direct access. This arrangement helps achieve a compact frame that’s compatible with ATX motherboards, 360 AIOs at the top, GPUs up to 410mm in length, and PSUs up to 160mm in length. Hidden in the PSU shroud are two pre-installed 120mm PWM fans, while two 30mm thick 140mm ARGB fans featuring infinity mirrors are pre-installed at the front.

Featuring real wood, the LANCOOL 217 brings a unique lifestyle aesthetic. It features two layers of dust protection at the front panel: a mesh front panel, and a removable inner fan filter on the backside of the front fans. The LANCOOL 217 comes with pre-installed 170x170x30mm front fans to ensure optimized CPU and GPU cooling, and features a cleaning mode button that reverses the front fan blades to get rid of dust upon activation. The bottom of the case supports up to three 120mm fans for additional airflow. The LANCOOL 217 is compatible with both regular and back-connect motherboards, making it a versatile choice.


The LIAN LI O11 VISION Compact is a refined version of the popular O11 VISION case. This compact case features two types of top panels: a glass panel for a seamless three-glass look, and a mesh panel with a bracket to support AIO cooling up to 360mm. When the AIO is side-mounted, tubes can be hidden in the second chamber for a clean, tubeless appearance.

The case supports horizontal GPU installation with an anti-sag bracket, and the PCIe expansion slot panel can be rotated for vertical GPU support. Compatible with both regular and back-connect motherboards, the LIAN LI O11 VISION Compact maintains the height and depth of the original O11 Dynamic but is wider for improved GPU compatibility and airflow.

The LIAN LI O11 VISION Compact comes in black and white colours – both exhibited at the LIAN LI booth at COMPUTEX 2024.

LIAN LI x SignalRGB Collaboration

LIAN LI is excited to present a collaboration with SignalRGB at COMPUTEX 2024. This partnership brings a beta version of L-Connect 3 embedded with SignalRGB, offering a streamlined and convenient way to control lighting effects across all components including motherboard, graphics cards, memory, etc. This integration enhances the user experience by providing unified and intuitive lighting management, marking a significant step forward in customization and control.

Learn more about SignalRGB at

Strimer Plus V3 and UNI FAN SL V3 with Wireless Controller

Introducing a revolutionary wireless controller for its PC case accessories. This addresses long-standing concerns of managing different controllers for different generations and product lines. Starting this year, the wireless controller will be implemented for UNI FANs, Strimer cables, and AIOs. The UNI FAN SL V3 and Strimer Plus V3 will be the first to feature this innovative technology, with additional products to follow. These advancements promise seamless control and an enhanced user experience for all LIAN LI enthusiasts.

LIAN LI Edge Series

One of the highlights at COMPUTEX is the LIAN LI Edge Series power supply units. Offered in black and white colours, the LIAN LI Edge Series features a unique fully modular cable design wherein the connectors are located on a bottom panel and USB device additional connectors on the typical location for modular cables.

The design aims to revolutionize cable management wherein the cables would be easier to install or remove without removing the PSU.

The LIAN LI Edge Series features white-sleeved cables for the white models. The 12V-2x6 connector features a dual-colour design similar to the MSI MAG GL Series PSUs. The blue-coloured end of the connector aims to help builders determine the correct attachment of the 12V-2x6 connector.

The LIAN LI Edge Series PSUs feature 80PLUS Platinum, Cybenetics Platinum, and PPLP Platinum certifications. The Edge Series exhibited at COMPUTEX comes in 850W, 1000W, and 1300W variants. Expected to launch this July 2024 in $149.99 (850W), $189.99/$199.99 (1000W), and $229.99/$239.99 (1300W) MSRPs.

LIAN LI HydroShift 360TL AIO Liquid Cooler

The LIAN LI HydroShift 360TL all-in-one liquid CPU cooler features a unique tubing design that allows it to be tucked away from the display located on the water block.

Exhibited at the LIAN LI booth is a white-coloured 360mm radiator model. LIAN LI will be offering the HydroShift 360TL in black colour as well.

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