LIAN LI SP750 SFX Power Supply Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅25.06.2021 17:01:34
Press Release

LIAN LI launches the SP750 SFX power supply for small form factor PC builds featuring a fully modular cable design and 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating. The LIAN LI SP750 SFX PSU comes with fully braided cables and the PSU has an aesthetic brushed aluminium housing. It features the ZERO RPM mode wherein the cooling fan is off for loads under 40%. It is fitted with reliable Japanese capacitors and a 5-year warranty.

Classic Look with Style
LIAN LI features an elegant and classic-looking SFX PSU with a brushed aluminium finish and braided modular cables, giving users the flexibility to utilize only the necessary cables to power their PC components, the flexible and braided motherboard, CPU, and PCIe cables enhance the system’s aesthetics.

Efficient and Durable
Designed to deliver stable power with high efficiency, the LIAN LI SP750 has an 80 PLUS GOLD rating to deliver 87% and more of the drawn power at 20% to 100% load. The high-efficiency rating means less power is converted to heat, which is why the SP750 operates silently with a fan profile of zero RPM while under 40% load. In addition, the SP750 uses Japanese Electrolytic capacitors, which have a reputation for high-grade electrolyte, great manufacturing quality, and performance capability under high temperatures, preventing any leaks, overheating, or unwanted evaporation that can damage other PC components.

Pricing and Availability
The LIAN LI SP750 SFX PSU is now available for pre-order at Overclockers UK for £109.99 and at Newegg for $139.99.

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