LIAN LI UNI FAN SL120 with Defective Blue LEDs Open for Replacement

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅06.09.2021 06:22:08
Press Release

LIAN LI reveals that a particular batch of UNI FAN SL120 might have defective blue LED ICs that cause the fanís RGB lighting to be off colour and dimmer than usual. LIAN LI clarifies and emphasizes that the defective blue LED ICs will not harm your computer and will have no impact to the fanís cooling function.

LIAN LI will not be recalling the UNI FAN SL120 fan given that the defective blue LED chip will not cause damages to the computer unlike the other more popular product recalls this year like GIGABYTEís GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM power supplies and the NZXT H1 mini-ITX chassis. LIAN LI provided lighting comparison to help users identify if their UNI FAN SL120 has defective blue LED ICs, see pictures below.

Statement from LIAN LI
A select few UNI FAN SL120s produced between December 2020 and March 2021 may have been affected by a defective blue LED IC. The defective chip can cause the blue diode to deteriorate over time, resulting in dimmer LEDs and a yellowing coloration when set to static white. This issue is of no danger to your fan or any other parts of your computer. If you think your fans may be affected by this issue, please submit your replacement request here.

The blue LEDs used in the UNI FAN SL120 manufactured after March 2021 have been improved to prevent this problem. Steps have been taken to improve quality control and to prevent similar issues from happening in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued support of LIAN LI.

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