LIAN LI Unveils SUP-01 Compact Chassis

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Press Release

LIAN LI launches the SUP-01, a small tower case that revolutionizes the conventional layout of standard PCs. Engineered with three distinct airflow chambers, each dedicated to essential components—GPU, CPU’s AIO, and motherboard. The LIAN LI SUP-01 positions the GPU at the center of the front panel on a fully adjustable bracket, and accommodates up to a 360 AIO behind the motherboard tray for enhanced cooling efficiency.

A non-tinted tempered glass panel on the left side offers a clear view of the main chamber which supports up to regular ATX motherboards and ATX back-connect motherboards, and the PCIe riser bracket with built-in diffused LED strips. Additional LED strips decorate the top edge of the PSU chamber along both the left and front sides of the case.

Key Features
Available in black and white colours
45L tower with a compact footprint and cooling performance on par with the LANCOOL 216 chassis
Three airflow chamber design with front-facing upright graphics card, a dedicated main chamber for the motherboard, and AIO radiator and fans mounted in the right side chamber
Comes with 3 pre-installed 120mm PWM fans in the right side chamber
Airflow focused with steel mesh panels at the front, top, right side, and rear
Supports back-connect ATX motherboards
Built-in RGB strip along front and left side panel, and on PCIe riser bracket

A Revolutionary Concept

The LIAN LI SUP-01, with its compact 45-litre enclosure, challenges traditional PC designs by offering a smaller footprint without compromising high-end hardware compatibility. By integrating only the core components, users can swiftly assemble a thermally efficient computer comparable to the LANCOOL 216. Placing the GPU in an upright position at the front of the case enables fresh air intake for optimal GPU performance. The adjustable bracket allows precise positioning of the GPU, both vertically and horizontally, maximizing airflow and aesthetics. The SUP-01 features LED strips along the front and left side of the case, along with an additional strip on the PCIe riser bracket. These strips can be conveniently controlled via the built-in Mode and Color buttons, offering six preset modes and eleven colours for customization.

Three Airflow Chambers

The LIAN LI SUP-01 boasts three separate airflow chambers for efficient cooling. The GPU positioned at the front acts as an intake, while 3 pre-installed 120mm PWM fans serve as exhaust behind the motherboard tray, creating the first airflow chamber. For the CPU, an AIO with a radiator and fans mounted behind the motherboard tray creates the second airflow chamber, supporting up to a 280/360mm AIO. Additionally, a 120mm fan can be mounted at the rear of the case to cool motherboard components such as RAM, CPU power delivery, and M.2 storage.

Modern Compatibility

The motherboard mounting tray accommodates ATX back-connect motherboards, as well as standard ATX, M-ATX, and MINI-ITX motherboards. Equipped with a PCIe 4.0 riser cable mounted on a pre-installed bracket, the SUP-01 supports GPUs of up to four slots thick with a maximum length of 400mm at the front. Storage options include provision for up to two 3.5” HDDs or 2.5” SSDs in the PSU chamber, while an additional two 2.5” SSDs can be mounted above the PSU shroud in the main chamber, adorned with an elegant mirror cover.


The LIAN LI SUP-01 is available for pre-order on May 30th, 2024, at an MSRP of $149.99/Ł149.99 for the black and for the white version. Pre-order at Overclockers UK.

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