Lightweight And Ergonomic - Cooler Master Release Alcor And Mizar

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Venlo, The Netherlands, Feb 24th – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer unveils two new gaming mice that are throwbacks to a simpler time in gaming, but outfitted to withstand modern gaming needs. These new gaming mice are Alcor and Mizar.

A Winning Combination

Each with a design inspired by the essence of the earlier years of gaming, Alcor and Mizar meld a proven comfortable and classic design with technological improvements that match today’s gaming scene. Alcor is fitted with the Avago 3090 optical sensor while Mizar utilizes the Avago 9800 laser sensor. Both sensors are tuned for gaming with high speed actions and very precise tracking. Combine this with a low weight of about 121 grams and unparalleled ergonomics both mice are perfect for gaming. The physical design and layout of both mice remain true to a classic, right-handed, and ergonomic feel while each button is intuitively placed to ensure quick setup and more comfortable long-term use.

About Alcor

The Alcor is the optical version of these two brothers and utilizes the Avago 3090 optical sensor. This sensor has a DPI range up to 4000 on four preset DPI levels. Switched between these DPI levels can be done on-the-fly conveniently and quickly to ensure that gamers don’t interrupt their gaming and gain the competitive edge. The Alcor uses long life Omron switches to ensure that it will keep up with even the most rigorous and long fought battles. In addition, a multi-color LED illuminated CM Storm logo makes identifying the current DPI level an easy task.

About Mizar

The Mizar utilizes the Avago 9800 laser sensor with a DPI range up to 8200. Four convenient DPI levels can be easily accessed by two on-the-fly DPI adjustment buttons positioned for easy access near the scroll wheel. The Mizar features reinforced rubber side pads located on both sides to ensure extra grip for gamers during ultra high action gaming. The Mizar comes with software that will let you adjust the DPI, profiles, the multi color LED CM Storm logo and allows control of all the fully programmable 7 buttons to assign functions and macros.


Alcor and Mizar are available on the Coolermaster webshop and will be available in the UK channel in the coming weeks for a MSRP of £29.99- for the Alcor and £39.99- for the Mizar.

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