Logitech Enhances Circle Home Security Camera With New Features

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Logitech enhances Circle Home Security Camera with intelligent Person Detection through a proprietary artificial intelligence. Also introduces additional storage option and customized motion zones and alerts. The intelligent Person Detection and Motion Zones features are exclusive to Premium subscription. Logitech also now offers a new package, the Circle Safe Basic subscription plan which includes 14 days of video storage and custom alerts. Logitech affirms its commitment in providing premier security cameras that keeps on improving even after original purchase. Logitech director of new ventures made a statement regarding the improvements.

"We’re committed to giving you a premier security camera experience that keeps improving after your original purchase. A prime example is the newly released Person Detection feature, a result of our proprietary artificial intelligence video engine which continuously analyzes and learns new motion triggers.” – Vincent Borel, director of new ventures at Logitech

What the overview of the Logitech Circle Home Security below.

Circle Safe Premium Subscription

Circle Safe Premium subscription now provides customized alerts and enhanced security features to provide peace of mind. Features include the following below.

Person Detection: Receive a smart alert whenever the Logitech Circle detects an actual person which minimizes unwanted alerts. The Circle cam’s artificial intelligence will recognize a real person from other objects such as pets.
Motion Zones: Monitor specific areas of your home and receive alerts whenever movement in that selected area is triggered. Using the Logitech Circle web app, you can create up to five key motion zones, such as the front door or bedroom windows, garage door, and receive custom alerts whenever motion is detected.
Custom Day Briefs: Customize and edit the length of any video recording, creating your own custom recaps from the past day, week or month.
Extended storage: Save and review up to 31 days of video footage in your Logitech private Circle account.

Circle Safe Basic Subscription

The Circle Safe Basic subscription plan provides all Logitech Circle users with 14 days of recorded video content, which increases your storage beyond the free 24 hours of footage. Logitech Circle owners can customize alerts, so you can change the frequency or sensitivity of motion alerts. You can schedule alerts to immediately push when triggered, or schedule the alerts for every 15 or 30 minutes, providing more manageable updates.

Pricing and Availability
Circle Safe Premium subscription plans start at $9.99 per camera per month or $99.99 per year, per camera, and the Circle Safe Basic subscription plan is available for $3.99 per month per camera. New Circle users can test drive the Premium subscription service with a free trial upon registration.

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