Logitech's S400i Clock Radio Dock

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FREMONT, Calif. — October 12, 2011 — Today Logitech unveiled the Logitech® Clock Radio Dock S400i, the ideal nightstand companion for iPod® and iPhone®. Capable of charging and playing music simultaneously, the device allows you to fall asleep and wake up to a full charge and your favourite songs.

The Logitech Clock Radio Dock S400i produces full, stereo sound and lets you play music from your iPod, iPhone or from the integrated FM tuner with presets, delivering the music you want when you want it. Listen, fall asleep and wake to FM radio, a beeping alarm or your favourite song.

“People want to enjoy music on their mobile devices without sacrificing audio quality or draining their batteries,” said Dan Caccamo, Global Product Manager. “The Logitech Clock Radio Dock S400i simplifies your life by combining useful functions with a compact form factor that fits virtually any nightstand. Its versatility as a music player, radio, charging station and alarm clock makes it the perfect bedside accessory for iPod and iPhone users.”

The Clock Radio Dock S400i features dual alarm settings and a snooze function, so two people can share one device and a remote control that puts you in charge from across the room or on the far side of the bed. Plus, you can dock and charge even when the speaker is turned off. The Logitech Clock Radio Dock S400i works with all generations of the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and the 6th generation iPod classic.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech Clock Radio Dock S400i is expected to be available in Europe beginning in October, for a suggested retail price of €99.99. Current UK SRP is £79.99

Versatile alarm clock - When it’s time to wake up, do it your way. The clock lets you wake to your own music, FM radio or a buzzer.
Dual settings plus snooze - With dual alarm settings and a snooze function, one of you can get a few extra minutes of sleep.
Syncs with iPod, iPhone - The internal clock syncs with the clock on your iPod or iPhone, so it’s always accurate.
Charges your iPod or iPhone - More than a speaker, more than an alarm clock—you’ve got a filling station for your iPod or iPhone, when it’s low on power. You can even dock and charge when the speaker is turned off.
Stereo sound - The speaker produces rich, full, stereo sound—so you can rock out in the morning or drift off at night.
Wireless remote control - The included remote control puts you in charge even when you’re across the room.
Built-in FM radio - Need local news and traffic reports as you get ready in the morning? No problem. You’ve got a built-in FM radio tuner with adjustable presets, so you can get to your favorite stations with just the press of a button.
Fade in function - Say good-bye to jarring alarms. You can set your speaker dock to fade in music from your iPod, iPhone or FM radio to gently wake you up.
Sleep function - Fall asleep to your favorite tunes—use the sleep function to automatically turn off your music after a specified amount of time.
Space-saving design - The compact design makes your Clock Radio Dock S400i a perfect fit—even on smaller nightstands.
Back-up battery - A backup battery eliminates surprises and helps make sure you’re up on time.
Made for iPod and Made for iPhone - This product has been certified to meet Apple performance standards so you can be sure it will work with your iPod or iPhone.

For detailed information on the S400i and other Logitech products visit www.logitech.com.

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