LOUQE RAW S1 Mini-ITX Chassis Teased

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅26.02.2021 23:58:02

LOUQE, a Swedish enthusiast desktop chassis maker, teases its upcoming mini-ITX chassis – the LOUQE RAW S1. The RAW S1 is a 12-litre solid aluminium mini-ITX chassis. It features 3-slot graphics card support of up to 320mm in length on its PCIe Gen4 riser. This allows the chassis to support high-performance NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards. The LOUQE RAW S1 has been optimized for air-cooling but the manufacturer says creative builders can find a way to opt for liquid cooling.

Watch a teaser video at LOUQE’s Twitter account. The LOUQE RAW S1 SFF chassis features precision CNC-machined aluminium panels to create its intricate vent pattern. LOUQE featured the CNC machining process on LOUQE's Instagram account. LOUQE is also considering other colours for the RAW S1 aside from black. They already teased an anodized blue aluminium colour on Instagram.

LOUQE will be shipping the RAW S1 to the EU and Scandinavian region by April, the United States by May. Other regions including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan by late Q2.

The LOUQE RAW S1 mini-ITX chassis is expected to be priced at US$329. LOUQE will reveal the full specifications of the RAW S1 at launch. Learn more about LOUQE at louqe.com