Mad Catz Teases New Generation of RATs

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅11.08.2016 08:09:38

Mad Catz teases their new generation RAT gaming mouse models that features new innovative design, engineering and functionality. The new generation RATS will feature game changing technologies such as having a magnesium alloy chassis, the use of the popular and ever-reliable OMRON switches, enhanced and dynamic ergonomics, RGB LED lighting effects and a powerful performance software.

Precision Engineered

Mad Cats design their RAT mouse from scratch combining the best components and materials to deliver enhanced gaming performance, ultimate customization and reduced fatigue over long gaming sessions. To ensure a good and solid structure, models like the RAT PRO X+ uses a magnesium alloy chassis to withstand torture. OMRON switches with its 50 million click lifespan ensures longevity for the RATS.

Dynamic Ergonomics

Users have different preferences when it comes to grip. The new generation of Mad Cats RATs are designed and engineered to be physically adjustable to cater the three common mouse grip types; the palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip.

RGB LED Lighting

The new generation RATs feature the Kameleon RGB Lighting with three independent RGB Illumination Zones with 16.8 million color options available.

FLUX Interface

With the help of a powerful and robust software, user can customize the performance of the new generation RATs with ease. Different aspects of the mouse can be tweaked to enhance performance and preference which includes the sensor, button functions and lighting. Create different profiles for all your games, tweak the RAT to perfection.

Check out the new generation Mad Catz RATs below

Check out the new generation Mad Catz RATs
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