MAGIX Software Introduces Photostory Premium VR

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅29.03.2018 16:19:19
Press Release

MAGIX Software introduces its first ever virtual reality software - the Photostory Premium VR. The editor allows you to create virtual worlds using photos and videos with no additional hardware required. The MAGIX Photostory Premium VR features an extensive selection of Virtual Reality functions and the full functionality of the Photostory Deluxe offering additional tools and effects.

Photostory Premium VR creates interactive VR presentations using 360 photos and videos can be assembled to form professional virtual tours. The editor allows you to add text and photos with ease. You can also integrate real surround sound by adding audio clips. You also get access to MAGIX's extensive library of 360 or 3D content that you can use for your own VR projects.

No additional hardware is required to run Photostory Premium VR and create impressive interactive VR presentations. Even an ordinary PC or laptop can realize the full potential of this incredible new VR software. It brings a technology, which is increasingly used at trade fairs and in the real estate industry, to a completely new audience of every-day users. Photostory Premium VR also supports advanced VR hardware and fully-featured VR content that can be extensively edited.

For sharing and playing finished VR experiences MAGIX provides the free app MAGIX VR-X Player. This allows viewing on a PC or laptop, with VR glasses or with a VR headset for smartphones. MAGIX has also announced Photostory Premium VR 365 which is a subscription service that allows users to enjoy all of the professional features of Photostory Premium VR for a low monthly fee.

Photostory Premium VR $129.99
Photostory Premium VR 365 from $9.99/month
VR-X Player free of charge

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