Maori Warrior Meets PC Case: Introducing the New Tattoo Series

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Following from the previous announcment by Vortez on Cubitek (Clicky) we have to official release from the manufacturer

Press Release

Cubitek Co. Ltd., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of uniquely designed computer cases, today released the all new Tattoo PC case series: The Tattoo Beta, the Tattoo Pro, and the Tattoo Fire computer chassis.

Inspired by tattoos worn by Maori warriors, the “tattoo” graphics on these cases make them aesthetically powerful and creates a whole new dimension in PC case designing. Furthermore, the Tattoo chassis features an innovation not found on any other PC case: Conveniently located on the top panel next to a mini USB cable & micro USB adapter, a tray is built into the case. This tray is ideal for holding mobile phones, as well as photographic, storage, and backup devices, making uploading pics, syncing, and internet tethering easy while keeping devices safe.

The Tattoo Beta is a black, 0.7mm SECC computer chassis. The Tattoo Pro has a black, powder-coating finish with a window on the side panel. The Tattoo Fire has a black exterior with a fire-red interior, shown off through a side panel window. All three cases sport tattoo graphics on their side panels with additional tattoo graphics panels available for purchase.

On the inside, the Tattoo series PC cases give gaming enthusiasts lots of build space. Five 3.5” and two 2.5” hard disk drives can be mounted. Additionally, there are five 5.25” optical disk drive bays located on the front panel. One of these can also be converted to mount an external 3.5” HDD. None of the ODD or HDD installations require any tools and the quick-bezel-removal design of the ODD bays make dusting that much easier. The motherboard tray features large cut outs for cable management and makes changing CPU coolers easy. ATX, M-ATX, or Mini-ITX motherboards can be used. There are seven PCI slots and all add-on card installations are tool-less. Power supply units, up to 290mm in length, mount above a vent at the bottom of the case to help keep them cool. The CPU cooler's max height can be 160mm and max VGA card length is 290mm. Thermally, the Tattoo series computer chassis are beautifully designed. All three cases come with one 140mm LED lit intake fan on the front panel (tool-less installation) and one 140mm LED lit exhaust fan on the top panel. Both can be controlled by an On/Off LED switch, located on the top panel. Furthermore, all three cases have a 120mm exhaust fan located on the back panel. On the Tattoo Beta, there are two side panel mounts for 120/140mm fans (fans not included). Air flow, on all three cases, is further aided by four, extra tall leg-pegs, allowing lots of air in through the PSU vent on the bottom panel. If LCS is desired, two holes on the back panel prevent any need to make cuts. With one of the best thermal designs available, heat damage is not an issue for users of Cubitek's Tattoo series

The top panel is home to the I/O switch, plus two USB 2.0 ports, one e-SATA port, and HD+AC97 Audio ports. A mini USB cable & micro USB adapter is also on the top panel, right next to a convenient tray where users can easily place cell phones for charging/syncing and cameras for uploading pictures.

Dimensions of the Tattoo series computer cases stand at 202 x 470 x 485mm (W, H, D).

For more information visit the manufacturers website:

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