Micron Launches World’s First 1.5TB microSD for Surveillance and Security

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Press Release

Micron unveils the world’s highest-capacity microSD card, the Micron i400 1.5TB. This microSD card is designed for industrial-grade video security with the world’s first 176-layer 3D NAND, also pioneered by Micron. Micron is now sampling the i400 to customers.

With rising demand for real-time video security, the internet protocol video security and video security-as-a-service (VSaaS) market is estimated to be worth $83 billion by 2030. Fleet dash cameras, smart home security, police body cameras, and AI-enabled cameras in factories all need storage capable of handling media-rich data. As the world’s highest-capacity microSD card, Micron’s i400 is ideally suited for video storage at the edge and hybrid VSaaS deployments.

The substantial 1.5TB density can store up to four months or 120 days of video security media locally, enabling users to optimize what data is stored in the cloud. The high capacity eliminates the need to continuously upload data to the cloud for primary storage, a process that guzzles network bandwidth and operational expenses. Small businesses looking to reduce expensive bandwidth or remote sites — such as cargo ships or oil rigs with limited connectivity — can instead periodically upload data to the cloud for backup while relying day to day on i400 storage at the edge. Bringing primary storage to the edge enables real-time AI analytics and faster decision-making within smart cameras. This speed is especially crucial for critical law enforcement, public health, or safety decisions.

Unlike most cards on the market that are consumer-grade and have limited write capability, the Micron i400 is designed for the video security environment with features such as:
- Five years of high-quality continuous 24x7 recording
- Ability to concurrently handle 4K video recording and up to eight AI events per second, such as object detection and classification like a license plate or facial recognition
- Two million hours for mean time to failure

Source: Micron

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