Micron Presents New 5200 SSD Series and Next-Generation GDDR6 Memory

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Micron launches the Enterprise-Class 5200 SSD Series built on 64-layer 3D NAND technology. Micron also announces its next-generation GDDR6 memory solution in partnership with Rambus, Northwest Logic and Avery Design. This comprehensive GDDR6 solution includes memory, PHY, Controller and Verification IP for ASIC and FPGA to enable GDDR6 adoption beyond graphics.

Micron 5200 SATA SSD

The Micron 5200 series of enterprise-class SATA SSDs offers performance, capacity, reliability and consistency in one package. It is built from the proven architecture of the Micron 5100 Series with improved performance, value and easy qualifications thanks to the 64-layer 3D NAND technology. The Micron 5200 Series is optimized for latency-intensive, read-intensive workloads while offering overall infrastructure value and quality of service (QoS) at an improved total cost of ownership.

Key Features
Quality of Service The Micron 5200 SSDs deliver extremely efficient QoS, offering up to 99.7 percent better QoS when compared to a mission-critical hard disk drive.
Unmatched Capacity Micron 5200 SSDs offer the industry's broadest SATA portfolio with capacities up to 7.68TB, twice the capacity of other SSDs on the market.
Leading Performance Engineered for fast random IO performance that fuels virtualized applications, Micron 5200 SSDs deliver up to 95k IOPS random reads and best-in-class 33,000 random writes, delivering strong performance in both areas. The drive is also highly flexible, as data centre managers can use the innovative Flex Capacity feature to adjust the drive's endurance, performance, and capacity to meet ever-changing workload demands.
Leader in MTTF Offering Micron 5200 SSD data sheet specifications offer a mean time to failure (MTTF) of 3 million device hours, compared to the industry average for SATA enterprise SSD specifications of 2 million hours MTTF.
Easy to Manage A fast, easy, affordable way to extend the life of existing server deployments, Micron 5200 SSDs are hot-swappable, easy to install, and only take minutes to configure, saving both time and money on setup and maintenance.

Next-Generation GDDR6 Memory

Micron also announces efforts to deliver a comprehensive solution for the next-generation GDDR6 memory to be used in advanced applications such as high-performance networking, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and 5G infrastructure. Micron also announces its partnership with Rambus Inc., Northwest Logic and Avery Design to deliver the GDDR6 memory chips.

Micron 5200 SATA SSD Series
Micron GDDR6 Part Catalog

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