MIONIX Returns, Revealing Pro Editions Of Past Favourites

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅27.08.2021 20:52:06

MIONIX are a peripheral manufacturer based in Sweden who, during the early 2010's, appeared to have the world at their feet. Their gaming mice were winning award after award, their mechanical keyboards were both feature-rich and affordable when prices were just starting to inflate beyond the comfort of most budget PC gamers. Then... something went awry.

A Reddit post in 2020 hinted at internal friction, potentially stemming from a new direction that saw their peripheral range becoming more 'Candy Coloured' in an effort to attract a more balanced audience. This none-too-subtle jab from the official MIONIX account at the end of the post certainly indicated as much:

We are updating both hardware & software in our mice and we are working on new products as well!

But most importantly: They will all come in black.

Although active on social media and ongoing sponsors of Godsent Esports, new products have been no-where to be seen... until now. Kind of.

MIONIX are making a splash by returning to their roots and releasing updated PRO variants of their most popular mice: the NAOS, CASTOR[/ur] and [url=https://mionix.net/products/avior-pro]AVIOR. Based on vintage designs compared to modern gaming rodents, MIONIX are betting that they can bank on the popular and praised shapes of the classic models if combined with modern features and components. These include:

- Optimizable PMW-3370 sensor with 19 000 DPI and 400 IPS.
- Durable 80 million click switches from Kailh.
- A 1.8m ultra-flexible braided cable.
- Low friction mouse feet made with 100% PTFE.
- A distinct scroll feeling with the Alps encoder.
- Customizable settings and optimizations in the software.

Joining the mice are a new range of water resistant ALIOTH mouse/desk pads, sized up to 4XL and providing an ideal mousing surface for the new sensors.

One aspect that isn't detailed is the weight of each model. MIONIX's mice were never the lightest, generally coming in at around the 100g mark. Today that sort of weight is reserved for premium wireless models; current lightweight wired gaming mice are typically advertised below 75g and the market in general is moving to ever-lighter models. The MIONIX shapes may be as good as they every were, but has the market just moved on?

The NAOS PRO, CASTOR PRO and AVIOR PRO are each on sale at the same 69.99 inc. V.A.T. price point. ALIOTH mats are available from 14.99. More information on each of the new products, as well as some of their legacy models, can be found at MIONIX.net.

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