Moonlighter & This War Of Mine Are The Latest Free Epic Games Store Titles

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅29.07.2019 15:51:57

Farewell to the Epic Game Store 'Free Game' promotion, say hello to the Epic Game Store 'Free Game Collection'. This week EGS are offering not one but two new games to users of the platform, for no cost except the time it takes to set up an EGS account. Moonlighter and This War of Mine are indie fan-favourites and worthy additions to the distribution platform's marquee weekly offer, furthering expand the scope of genres covered and expanding the library of titles gamers can play without spending a penny. These games will be free until 5pm GMT on Thursday Aug. 2nd, so don't miss out by dallying.

Moonlighter] is a curious beast that melds Action-RPG gameplay with crafting, enchanting, 'shopkeeping' and rogue-like elements. You play the shopkeep who 'moonlights' as an adventurer traversing a multi-biome dungeon and bringing their finds back to use or trade away. It shares some of these aspects with Reccetear, another indie darling which predates it by many years, although the overall aesthetic and pace of play is very different. Expect to die often (as is tradition with rogue-likes), while gradually learning the ropes and getting deeper into the dungeon (and game's story).

Changing tack considerably, This War of Mine is a gritty 2.5D survival game inspired by real events. You play as a group of civilians struggling to survive in a besieged and bombed-out city, scavenging to acquire the supplies needed to feed your party, craft important equipment and maintain your hideout. It's dark, gritty and rich with difficult decisions intended to leave you reeling emotionally, while a randomised world layout keeps every play-through different.

Moonlighter was created by Digital Sun Games and published by 11 Bit Studios. This War of Mine was created and published by 11 Bit Studios. The free versions of these games do not include the games' DLC, each of which expand their respective title with new playable content, but are still complete games in their own right.

You can download the games at this link. On Thursday evening Moonlighter and This War of Mine will give way to Ubisoft's For Honor and Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake.

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