More Dishonored DLC to be announced soon.

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅12.03.2013 23:52:33

Dishonored blasted its way onto our screens in October last year. It was a big risk for Bethesda and Arkane to produce a brand new IP but it paid off with Dishonored scoring extremely well with critics. There was also a hint that some proper story based DLC would be released. However, there's not much to report on this at the moment as the official announcement hasn't been made yet but you can get quite a bit out of the screenshot that was officially tweeted.

Oh yeah.... Spolier warning for those who haven't played the game yet!

The screenshot looks a lot like the first area of the game but from the point of view of Daud and his assassins who was hired to frame Corvo. Throughout the game you get hints that Daud was up to all kinds of mischief behind the scenes. Hopefully we get to play as Daud and experience what he was doing. It will be great to see what he is capable of and how he shaped the story of the game. Will we get to kill the empress? Do we even want to? I guess we have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

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