MSI Adds GO2BIOS For Upcoming MPower Motherboards

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In the realm of motherboards with standardised chipsets it's often the small tweaks which can make the difference from middle-of-the-road to out in front. Aesthetics will of course be a factor, but MSI have innovated in a slightly unexpected way: a GO2BIOS button. Rather than needing to strike the Delete key to enter BIOS (and quite often missing it), you can jump straight to UEFI in the next boot. The following video explains the new feature:

This would be a godsend for those who use test benches in overclocking sessions, and could allow further improvement in system cold-boot speeds. It would be nice to see a slightly more accessible location for the button for systems within a chassis, perhaps on the I/O panel, but that may just be a little picky.

With overclocker tweaks, improved warranty standards and given how gorgeous the new MPower motherboard colour scheme is, MSI's new line-up is looking pretty promising. Two new MPower motherboards are believed to be in the works: Z77 and X79 variants for Ivybridge, Sandybridge and Sandybridge-E CPU's.

Source: MSI Facebook.
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