MSI announce CX640 notebook

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17.03.2011 23:35:09

Press Release

MSI have redefined their C-series range with the new MSI CX640. Whilst it’s stylish & elegant in design, it also offers a number of ground breaking features. The design emphasis is all about style, simplicity and data protection. Perfect for a wide range of applications from spreadsheets to movies, users will uncover a new breed of laptop with the MSI CX640. This latest model features cutting edge ‘Time Stamp’ technology for One Touch Backup & Restore.

Purity in shape
MSI Designers envisaged a notebook expressing both simplicity and elegance. MSI CX640 is enhanced with brush aluminum effect in black or grey. By removing excessive buttons, it gives a sense of purity and simplicity. MSI know stylish people appreciate the finer detail, so the designers have considered every possible enhancement to make MSI CX640 a masterpiece, even down to the side power button and discrete speaker housing, both finished with a stylish chrome effect.

The MSI CX640 Design is not only visually stunning, but also smart on the inside. All heat producing components are placed towards the rear of the notebook, leaving the palm rest cool to the touch and comfortable to use.

MSI have also been generous with connectivity, including the latest USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit LAN and HDMI output. These are cleverly placed to the left of the notebook to leave the right hand side free for easy movement of the mouse. To the right, the optical drive and card reader are conveniently located for easy access to your data.

One Touch Backup & Restore
Imagine you could control time. No matter what happens, you can still go back to any previous point in time. No more devastating crashes or data loss can ever affect you again. MSI make a reality at the touch of a button…
Backing up data is both time consuming and complicated. Most users never think to back up until the day they lose their data!

With MSI exclusive technology Time Stamp, Backup & Restore has never been so easy. With a single push of the Time Stamp button, your data can be intelligently time stamped within 15 seconds. It can even be set to back up at every boot, every day, or even every 30 minutes! Restoring could not be any easier, at the click of a button; you can restore any previously deleted documents, or even the whole hard drive! Time Stamp can even recover your hard disk if it fails to boot into Windows 7 through a simple touch of the ‘Time Stamp’ button. The CX640 provides unbeatable technology for data conscious users.

Shockproof Technology Easy as a click
It doesn’t stop there, for additional enhanced data security; MSI designers changed the standard position of hard drive to the middle of the notebook, surrounding it in a unique shockproof housing making sure no matter what happens to your laptop, your data is as safe as possible. In the same spirit, the MSI CX640 also streamlines access to your shortcuts. With just one touch of the “Fn” button, you can quickly and easily access all the functions you need. In addition, the MSI CX640 “Fn” button also allows you to conveniently switch between 4 desktop profiles, allowing you organize your business and home life with a simple button press.

Performance and autonomy
We know your time is precious. When you boot your PC, you want instant access to your data. MSI CX640 boot up speed is 2 times faster than standard notebooks. Using thte latest Intel® Core™ i5 / i3 processors with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0, MSI CX640 gives you even more performance and efficiency. You can sure that your favorite applications will work perfectly and smoothly.

MSI CX640 integrates NVIDIA GeForce GT520M with 1GB DDR3 memory, compatible with DirectX 11 for better performances and ultra-realistic detail in your favorite games. In addition, Nvidia Optimus technology automatically detects how much resource your application needs, and switches the GPU on and off automatically. The result is maximum performance and maximum battery with the least hassle.

The portability and light weight design of the CX640 means you will be using it in difference places, so the MSI CX640 Light Sensor automatically adjusts the brightness level real time to suit your environment and maximize battery life.

MSI CX640 also benefits of unique ECO Engine technology that adapts the power consumption dynamically according to the use of the laptop. Moreover, it recharges itself 50% quicker than a standard laptop. Within just 80 minutes, you can recharge to over 80%.

With its stylish design and innovative features, MSI CX640 offers so much more functionality and usability a very attractive price.