MSi Bundling NZXT Hue+ With Their Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON Motherboard

👤by Chris Yeo Comments 📅10.02.2016 09:03:17

Celebrating the launch of their highly successful Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON Motherboard, MSi are bundling a NZXT Hue+ RGB lighting kit for a short period of time.

The recently launched Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON Motherboard by MSi has been a staunch success. The combination of a 120 price tag coupled with an all-black aesthetic and RGB lighting on the PCB meaning its a great option for those looking to customise any new Skylake PC into any colour theme they desire.

To celebrate the launch and to pay special attention to the RGB feature, MSi are bundling NZXTs latest HUE+ RGB lighting kit which on it's own is a very popular piece of equipment. You can read our review here.

The following retailer links below already have the bundle available:

A first come first serve basis, we are betting these will sell quickly - so if you are in for a RGB Skylake build; you better get in there fast!

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