MSI Cloud Center Private Cloud Software Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅24.08.2022 18:44:03
Press Release

MSI announced its brand new software application – MSI Cloud Center. It is designed to be fast, and convenient to securely back up & download files between your PC, Android, and iOS mobile devices. It provides you a private cloud to help backup your photos, videos, and any files on your smartphone to the selected MSI All-in-One PC or desktop. The MSI Cloud Center is designed with efficiency and productivity in mind.

MSI Cloud Center: a Private Cloud with Cross-platform and Mobile Connection Backup
Have you ever received a message which shows that your cloud storage space is nearly full? You will have to either clean your cloud storage or pay for more storage. With the MSI Cloud Center, you don’t have to pay an extra fee to enjoy its convenient design on your MSI All-in-One PC or the selected desktop. The MSI Cloud Center allows users to backup and download photos, videos, and any other files between the Android or iOS devices and the selected MSI All-in-One PC or desktop.

Auto Backup Solution for Your Data, Wirelessly and Fast!
Just with one click and it will automatically backup all of your photos & videos to the specific location you want within a private intranet environment which ensures a safer private cloud environment. You can also separately upload projects, or any files on your Android or iOS devices via the MSI Cloud Center if you don’t want to back up all of these files. You can select multiple files at once to download or upload, which is convenient and efficient. The MSI Cloud Center even supports the Offline Access function. Furthermore, MSI does not store the files on their server but on your PC to maximize your privacy and data transfer speed.

File Sharing with Family, Team Members, or the World
You can make these files accessible to your family or team members. You can also make the files as private as you want with you being the only one that can access them. The decision is in your hands. You can upload, download, delete or even share the files with your family or team members who have been authorized to log in with a QR code generated by the MSI Cloud Center, and they will also enjoy the benefit of this private cloud. You can release more storage space from your smartphone after backing up all of the data via the MSI Cloud Center. However, if you want to share the files which have been cleaned from your smartphone, the MSI Cloud Center supports third-party applications too. Through the applications installed on your smartphone, you can even share the data, photos, or videos which have been back up to the MSI Cloud Center to the world without any problem.

Security, Privacy, and Efficiency
With the latest Wi-Fi 6E on the selected MSI All-in-One PC or desktop, it will emphasize transmission security and have less network congestion, allowing simultaneous connection to more devices without latency. Therefore, you and your family can backup files with MSI Cloud Center at the same time without interference. Security, privacy, and efficiency can all be enjoyed at once.

If you have any concerns about having too many photos to backup in your storage, another exclusive software MSI Center's Smart Image Finder helps categorize and browse through your precious memories with A.I.-generated smart tags so that you can search photos or materials with tags and increase your work efficiency.

Supported MSI Devices
Modern and PRO Series All-in-One PCs
Modern AM272
Modern AM272P
Modern AM271
Modern AM271P
Modern AM242TP
Modern AM242P
Modern AM242T
Modern AM242
Modern AM241TP
Modern AM241P
Modern AM241T
Modern AM241
PRO 24X 10M
PRO 16T 10M

PRO and CUBI Series Desktop PCs
Cubi 5
Cubi N JSL

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