MSI Debuts VR One Backpack at TGS 2016

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅12.09.2016 15:10:47

Virtual Reality backpack MSI VR One debuts in Tokyo Game Show 2016 featuring a cable-free VR machine for the best VR gaming experience. MSI partners with HTC Corporations' HTC VIVE team to develop the MSI VR One to deliver the best VR experience. The MSI VR One is the first-ever VR Backpack concept wherein it is portable and an independent VR system for a cable-free VR gaming contrary to the current VR setups today that is hooked into a gaming PC. Having such setup limits the movements in VR gaming which the MSI VR One will omit.

The MSI VR One weighs at 3.6 kilograms which packs approximately 90 minutes of VR gaming with its two battery packs. The MSI VR One will be powered by an Intel Core processor and NVIDIA GeForce 10-Series graphics cards, certainly gaming specifications fit for VR gaming. At full gaming mode, the MSI VR One only produces 40dBA of noise.

Cable-Free VR Gaming - The MSI VR One is designed as a backpack with two hot-swappable battery packs on the bottom-left and bottom-right. The MSI VR One without the battery packs only weight 2.2 kilograms which is around the weight of an average gaming laptop. The HTC VIVE plugs into the MSI VR One backpack for a cable-free VR gaming with a more limitless VR environment. The MSI VR One offers 1.5 hours of unstoppable VR gaming.

Optimized for VR Gaming - The MSI VR One comes with high-performance hardware for VR gaming. The MSI VR One will pack the latest Intel Core i7 processor and the latest of NVIDIA's Pascal-based graphics cards, the GeForce GTX 1070. It also comes with all the latest connectivity options today such as an HDMI port, a mini DisplayPort, a Thunderbolt 3 Type-C port capable of transfer speeds of up to 6 Gbps.

Exclusive VR Enhancement via MSI Dragon Center
The MSI VR One uses MSI's Dragon Center utility that enable the user to optimize and adjust the machine to fit the VR game in just one click of a button.

Visit the MSI VR One micro-site for more information.
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