MSI Launch AIO PC With Flicker-Free Technology

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MSI, the leading international motherboard, graphics card and All-in-One (AIO) manufacturer has launched an all new, ultra-slim AIO series. The Adora24 is the first AIO PC in the world to use flickerfree display technology. The casing has a thickness of just 21mm at its thinnest point and the visual golden ratio achieved through the use of staggered lines make the Adora24 look even slimmer. The flowing lines down the sides enhance the feeling of crisp speed as well.

The Adora24 is equipped with the Intel® 3rd Gen Mobile Core™ i3 / i5 multi-core processor and a high-end NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M discrete graphics card. In addition to the flicker-free display technology, the anti-glare display allows the user to use the computer for extended periods without experiencing eyestrain. Furthermore, the Adora24 comes with an SSD (optional) and Creative Sound Blaster™ Cinema speakers. The MSI Adora24 will become available in Europe by the first week of August.

A new series, a new design

The Adora All-in-One PC features a totally new design and chassis, built around the concept of ultra-slim and visual awe. A big portion of the I/O connections are neatly tucked away on the backside of the AIO, creating a neat desk when fully installed and connected to other devices. A beautiful frameless display works conveniently with 10-point touch control and Windows 8. The Adora24 is a fashionable addition to any office or study and can be mounted on a wall via the VESA wallmount technology.

Flicker-free technology

The Flicker-free technology integrated into the Adora24 display stabilizes the power current and prevents flickering invisible to the bare eye under normal conditions. When used for extended periods of time, it effectively reduces eyestrain while also improving productivity. MSI provides the best visual experience and also integrates an anti-glare display on its touch AIO PC. The technology is supported on non-touch models as well. For offices with serious glare problems, brightly-lit retail stores or the study at home, the anti-glare feature protects users' eye against reflections off the computer monitor.

NVIDIA GT740M discrete graphics

MSI Adora24 comes with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics card to deliver the best cost-performance video quality at Full HD resolution. The GeForce GT 740M supports Optimus technology for instantaneous switching between the CPU's integrated graphics and the GT 740M under different user scenarios. This function previously only in notebooks means that even AIO PCs can achieve optimum energy-efficiency.

More than just an All-in-One PC

The Adora24 allows the user to experience the thrill of PC gaming to the full. If you want a change from PC gaming, you can also connect the Adora24 to for instance an XBOX360 or PS3 and use it as a standalone display. If the gamer still needs to use the PC, he can use the OSD buttons on the side to quickly switch between systems while remaining connected to the device.

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