MSI Launches The X99A WORKSTATION Motherboard

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅16.08.2016 18:46:56

MSI announces its latest addition to their X99 series motherboards, the MSI X99A WORKSTATION which supports the latest Intel Broadwell-E and XEON processors. The MSI X99A WORKSTATION motherboard is built for performance and stability even under heavy workload which typical workstation PCs require. The motherboard offers a wide variety of storage options and connectivity. The X99A WORKSTATION also features MSI's Military Class 5 components which promises durability and longevity. The board is also optimized with the use of ECC Registered DIMM (RDIMM) memory and with the help of MSI DDR4 Boost, achieve enhanced memory performance and stability with ease.


The MSI X99A WORKSTATION motherboard is packed with features to achieve the ultimate performance. It has optimizations for NVIDIA QUADRO workstation graphics cards promising the perfect multi-tasking powerhouse to cater the demands of productivity applications. The motherboard is also optimized and designed for NVIDIA QUADRO SLI setups for the best rendering efficiency.

For a stable and secure networking, the MSI X99A WORKSTATION has two Intel LAN connectors; i218-LM & I210-AT. Together, it promises faster file transfer speeds and better protection from copy errors. The motherboard is also optimized for the next generation 10 GBIT LAN solutions. Check out the MSI website for more information on the MSI X99A WORKSTATION motherboard.

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