MSI MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 Is the World’s First ATX 3.0 Compliant PSU

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The MSI MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 power supply unit, is the world’s first power supply unit to be fully ready for ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0. First introduced back in May with the 1000W model, the MEG Ai1000P PCIE5 power supply unit, the MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 is the MSI’s first PCIe 5.0 and ATX 3.0 ready high-end power supply units as well as the first models to be under MSI’s top-tier “MEG” series product line.

With graphics cards becoming all the more important, users must know what components to buy for their system if they are looking to upgrade. To understand why the MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 is the ultimate future-proof power supply unit, let us begin with understanding ATX 3.0.

ATX 3.0 Specifications
ATX 3.0 is Intel's new specification standard for existing PSUs. In short, ATX 3.0's main purpose is to help provide more reliability and better power efficiency and provide graphics cards up to 600 watts of power. ATX 3.0 is created in response to graphics cards' increase in performance and the ever-increasing need for power.

ATX 3.0 puts heavy emphasis on power excursions to make sure high-performance graphics cards can be sustained and your system can remain stable. Thanks to ATX 3.0 there is now an increase in efficiency while idling and a new power connector is added to help achieve all the above.

ATX 3.0 added a new PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR connector that features 12+4 pins instead of the traditional 6 or 8. With the new PCIe 5.0 connector, the power supply and cable can supply up to 600 watts of power.

MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 Testing Result
From the chart below you can see that the MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 can safely achieve 2x total power excursion at 200% of the PSU wattage while meeting all the standards of Intel Testing Requirements at 120%, 160%, and 180% as well. The voltage of MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 can be controlled within the allowable voltage range when the current changes rapidly and violently to maintain the system stability and avoid system abnormalities.

OPP and OCP Maintained for Maximum Safety
It is important to keep in mind that some power supply units may find a way around the power spikes by lifting the threshold for OPP and OCP. This is not the case for the MEG Ai1300P PCIE5. As shown in the chart below, the MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 maintains the OPP level of 1300W x 1.25 at 1623.55W.

Timing Values
To be fully compliant with ATX 3.0, there is also a timing value that the power supply unit must meet. The MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 is fully compliant with that timing value as shown in the chart below.

The MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 is the perfect high-end power supply unit for high-performance PC builds featuring the latest components having full compliance with ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0. MSI is yet to release pricing information for the MEG Ai1300P PCIE5 and MEG Ai1000P PCIE5 power supply units.

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