MSI Presents Cubi 5 10M Mini-PC and PRO MP221 Monitor Duo

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅19.11.2019 00:03:38

MSI presents the MSI Cubi 5 10M mini-PC and the MSI PRO MP221 monitor – a perfect duo for creating clean, minimalist, and organized workspaces. The MSI Cubi 5 10M mini-PC is powered by the 10th generation Intel Comet Lake processors, up to an Intel Core i7 Comet Lake processor, offering impressive computing power for its compact size. The MSI Cubi 5 supports standard VESA mounting system allowing it to be installed at the back of the MSI PRO MP221 monitor and other monitors with standard VESA mounting.

The MSI Cubi 5 also features support for an external power switch so users can easily power the Cubi 5 without reaching the rear of the monitor when installed on the VESA mount. The Cubi 5 10M mini-PC supports one 2.5” SSD/HDD drive and an M.2 slot for fast solid-state drives. The drive slots are easily accessible with just four screws away. The Cubi 5 10M also comes with an HDMI port and DisplayPort supporting up to dual monitors. The Cubi 5 comes with a high-speed USB Type-C connector to connect with other USB devices. On the other hand, the MSI PRO MP221 monitor is a 21.5” FHD 1080p display with MSI’s exclusive software Display Kit and is the perfect partner for the Cubi 5 10M mini-PC.

Small Yet Might – Cubi 5 10M

Cubi 5 may be small, but its performance can be improved all the way up to Intel Core i7 processor (Comet Lake), which helps deliver computing capability that will keep you in the flow, wherever you go.

Cleaner, Better – PRO MP221

Designed with utility in mind, the Cubi 5 is made to support the standard VESA-mount. Simply mount the Cubi 5 to the back of the MSI PRO MP221 monitor to conceal it. This is more aesthetically pleasing and can help create a more organized work environment for yourself.

Now Within Your Reach – Cubi 5 10M

The MSI Cubi 5 is designed to support an external power switch. This proves to be especially efficient for users that choose to mount the MSI Cubi 5 or visually conceal it. The external power switch saves our users a lot of back bending by being more reachable.

Upgrade Made Easy

Users are only 4 screws away from being able to replace the M.2 SS, memory modules, and 2.5” HDD/SSD storage slots. We made it that simple.

2-in-1 Convenience

The Cubi 5 packs an HDMI port and DP port, supporting dual monitors for users looking for a larger visual space for greater productivity.

Boosted Convenience with USB-C

The MSI Cubi 5's work prowess is immediately increased with the convenience of USB Type-C connector. The reversible connector allows you to effortlessly connect all your USB devices.

Perfect Duo

The MSI PRO MP221 is designed for professional workspaces with a 21.5” screen and a Full HD resolution at 1080p, the perfect partner for the MSI Cubi 5 mini-PC.

MSI Exclusive Display Kit

The MSI exclusive software Display Kit makes work easier by providing you with convenient functions such as the split window, colour setting, and eye saver mode.


The MSI PRO MP221 features an anti-glare display design. The anti-glare display design puts less stress on your eyes and allows you to put more work in while staying comfortable.

Adjust However You Want

The MSI PRO MP221's adjustable stand design allows you to find your sweet spot at work. Sit comfortably and view pleasantly at your best while focusing on your work.

From External to Internal

Enjoy a cleaner and safer work area brought to you by the MSI PRO MP221’s internal adaptor. There will be no more headaches about the hassle of having an external power adaptor.

The Cubi 5 and PRO MP221 are sure to be the best duo at work. The Cubi 5 is a fierce little computer and the PRO MP221 is a dependable monitor. Combined, they not only perform at the top of the game but also help keep your work simple and organized.

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