MSI Release the R7970 Lightning Graphics Card

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Leading international graphics card and mainboard maker MSI is pleased to announce the release of the MSI R7970 Lightning, the new heir to the throne of Lightning graphics cards. Equipped with AMD's new 28 nm Radeon HD 7970 GPU, the MSI R7970 Lightning features an all-new Unlocked Digital Power Architecture that incorporates an Unlocked BIOS, Digital PWM Controller, and Enhanced Power Design to boost overclocking potential to new heights and make overclocking easier than ever. In an industry first, the proprietary "GPU Reactor" power supply module reduces power supply noise and also boosts overclocking stability as well. To keep cool this beast, the MSI R7970 Lightning utilizes MSI’s new Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design equipped with Dust Removal Technology. The huge dual 10 cm fan setup with PropellerBlade Technology generates massive airflow for fast heat dissipation while remaining whisper silent. The two form-in-one heat sinks improve cooling for memory and the power supply module as well ensure structural integrity. The R7970 Lightning uses Military Class III components which have passed rigorous testing to meet Military Standard 810G, guaranteeing the card's stability and reliability under actual use conditions.

Unlocked Digital Power Provides Recordbreaking Potential

The R7970 Lightning boasts an all-new Unlocked Digital Power architecture that provides recordbreaking potential. The key components involved include the Unlocked BIOS, digital PWM controller and an improved power supply design. Unlocked BIOS removes overclocking limits in AMD’s “Catalyst Control Center” application. The Power Tune limit is increased by 180%, and OCP limits are relaxed to completely unleash the graphics card's overclocking potential. The digital power supply signal provides voltage signals that are more stable and accurate than conventional analog designs, meaning the voltage can be adjusted more quickly and precisely during overclocking. The improved power supply design provides over double the power of the reference board and consists of 17 power supply parameters, dual 8-pin power supply connectors, and the Lightning Power Layer (LPL) design. For true overclocking enthusiasts, the R7970 Lightning with Unlocked Digital Power is simply a dream come true!

OC Thermal Design for Better Cooling and Structural Integrity

The MSI R7970 Lightning incorporates the next-generation Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design. The striking design of the new Twin Frozr IV comes from the two large 10cm PWM fan solution with PropellerBlade Technology that cool the advanced cooling body of the Twin Frozr IV. Under the aluminum Twin Frozr IV body, you can find a high density fin grid array that provides heat dissipating area that is fed by heat-pipes featuring MSI’s SuperPipe technology. MSI has also incorporated its exclusive Dust Removal Technology, where the fan is running in reverse for 30 seconds after booting to remove dust from the heat sinks and keep the graphics card's cooling performance running at optimum levels. The R7970 Lightning also boasts two form-in-one heat sinks. One heat sink is located on the front of the graphics card to cool the memory and power supply modules, while the second heat sink on the back of the card helps to reinforce the card structure. This extreme cooling design provides the R7970 Lightning with the best cooling performance and the most reliable structure.

GPU Reactor, the Ultimate Power Core

Premium Materials and User-friendly Overclocking Design

The MSI R7970 Lightning implements the innovative "GPU Reactor" power supply module which, when installed on the back of the GPU, increases current volume by 88%, reduces power supply noise by 13%, and improves overall overclocking stability. MSI GPU Reactor is easy to install and has built in safety features that make it easy even for ordinary users to install and remove.

MSI has always led the industry thanks to its unyielding commitment to product stability and quality and made sure that the R7970 Lightning was equipped with Military Class III components certified to Military Standard 810G in seven different categories by a certified laboratory. Be it tantalum core Hi-c CAP around the graphics card, the CopperMOS cooling design, the form-in-one Golden SSC, or as the card’s moisture/rust-proof Dark Solid CAP, all work together to provide the MSI R7970 Lightning with the best possible stability.

Rich features
For overclocking enthusiasts, MSI has developed the 3X3 OC Kits: V-Check Points allow GPU, Memory and VDDCI voltage to be monitored while Triple Overvoltage and Triple Temperature Sensor allow overclockers to quickly fine-tune and track the performance of their graphics card using enthusiasts favorite Afterburner overclocking software. The 4 Mini DisplayPorts and 2 DVI ports on the R7970 Lightning allows AMD Eyefinity technology to drive 6 screen output with just one card, providing just the kind of performance industry professionals, enthusiasts and gamers need.

MSI R7970 Lightning Technical specifications

Name: MSI R7970 Lightning
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7970 - 1070 MHz
Memory: 3GB GDDR5 - 5600 MHz - 384 bit
Cooling: MSI Twin Frozr IV with dust removal - fan type/size : Propeller Blade / 10cm
Output: SL-DVI-I / SL-DVI-D / 4x Mini DisplayPort
TDP: 230W
OC: MSI Afterburner, Unlocked Digital Power, 3x3 OC Kit
Dimensions: 305x135.5x40mm (With GPU Reactor)

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