MSI Show Off Their First Pure Gaming FM2+ Motherboard

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅09.01.2014 16:25:01

MSI today posted a quick update on social media to show off a new gaming motherboard intended for AMD's FM2+ platform. Based around the A85 chipset, the A88X-G45 GAMING is compatible with most FM2 and upcoming FM3 APUs from AMD including the Trinity and Richland APUs, derivative Athlon X2 and X4 CPUs and the upcoming Kaveri APU with GCN graphics.

A cursory glance suggests that the ATX motherboard is suitable for at least one-way and two-way GFX card configurations, whilst a further x16-slot at the bottom may indicated either 3-way SLI/CrossFire support, alternate positioning for GFX or simply another slot for maximum PCI-E card compatibility.

Power is supplied direct to the CPU via 8-Pin PCI-E power, indicating some overclocking potential. As an MSI GAMING range motherboard the A88X-G45 implements their Audio Boost technology for improved audio quality, and USB Audio Power for a much improved 5V signal to USB no matter than number of devices connected.

Further quality of life features include 8 SATA ports (likely a mix of SATA II and III) as well as legacy display support via a VGA port (alongside HDMI). Of course MSI retain the Red/Black colouring of the rest of the GAMING line, making it an ideal aesthetic partner for their GAMING GFX cards.

Source: MSI UK Official Facebook
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