MSI Take The Wraps Off Their First X99 Update: The Gaming 9 ACK

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅03.11.2014 16:49:32

MSI are continuing to improve their motherboard range and have recently unveiled a new motherboard in their X99 range for High End Desktop PCs. Sadly the X99 chipset is largely fixed, so as with other Intel partners MSI improve their line-up by adding value to their bespoke featureset; such is the case in this update to the X99S Gaming 9 AC. The X99S Gaming 9 ACK adds a 'K' to the end of the original SKU, denoting the inclusions of new Killer networking technology to further differentiate their premium motherboards from those of the competition.

That Killer feature in question - Killer Doubleshot Pro. The core concept is that both wireless and wired networking connections can be used simultaneously but also semi-independently, allowing specific traffic to be sent over a particular connection. Conceptually therefore latency-critical online gameplay data can be shipped over the more reliable Killer E2205 controller-based wired LAN, whilst high-bandwidth video streaming (or other application) uploads and downloads can be performed over 802.11ac wireless.

Although MSI are trumpeting the additional bandwidth this unlocks - up to 1.866Gbps - that's unlikely to have much impact in anything other than LAN environments. However splitting traffic to improve latency characteristics, at least though your NIC if not your main internet pipeline, could improve your experience appreciably.

Like the other motherboard in MSI's Gaming 9 Class the ACK SKU also supports up to 4-way SLI/Crossfire, Killer E2205 Gigabit LAN/1525 BT/Wifi AC, DDR4 3333MHz memory and of course Intel's Haswell-E CPUs.

Source: MSI UK Facebook

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