MSI Tease A Next Gen GFX Card With Twin Frozr V Cooler

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅01.09.2014 13:15:20

The Haswell-E hype is at an end, but it appears that yet more new hardware is just around the corner. This weekend MSI, component partner to Intel, AMD and NVIDIA, posted a teaser of an as yet unknown GFX card with their own bespoke cooling solution: the Twin Frozr V.

For a number of years MSI's Twin Frozr solutions have been one of the more well regarded non-reference coolers to grace a GPU, keeping the heat pumped out by NVIDIA and AMD cards alike under control. The latest features at least three thick heatpipes and the now traditional long heatsink, but unlike some competing designs keeps things at a relatively compact two-slot thickness.

The image shown also features more than a dash of red, indicating that the card pictured is a performance part from their GAMING range.

Sadly we don't know exactly which GPU this card is built around. The AMD Radeon R9 285 is imminent, and NVIDIA have been silent so far on the status of their high-end post-700-series Maxwell parts. Either way it looks like the treats haven't stopped coming now that Intel's High End Desktop platform is out.

Check out MSI's Facebook page for more information as they post it.

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