MSI Tease The Z97 SLI Krait - Black And White Motherboard Goodness

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13.08.2014 15:14:32

MSI have just posted news of a new motherboard model sure to attract the attention of case modders and enthusiasts everywhere. Dubbed the Z97S SLI Krait, this new design appears to be a revision of the Z97-GD55 with one major change - a black and white colour scheme.

Modders have been clamouring for just such an option for some time, but in general have made do with the slightly less awesome (but still great) all-black efforts from the major manufacturers. The Krait is different. Gone is the usual blue and black livery, replaced by a high contrast black and white heatsink scheme and matte black PCB. However that's not all... many of the surface-mounted components seen on this class of board are not present, resulting in a far cleaner look than is typical of the mainstream and enthusiast class.

It remains to be seen if this rationalisation of components significantly affects featureset and performance, but at the very least it will support dual-GPU configurations and the ideal two-slot gap between cards now recognised to be idea for cooling two GPUs. SATA ports (including one SATA Express Port) are camouflaged somewhat by being at right angles to the motherboard PCB, and even the VGA port housing on the rear is coloured to be in keeping with the rest of the board.

There's currently no news on availability and pricing, but at the very least it should turn a few heads. Pair it with an all black CPU cooler (such as a bequiet! Dark Rock) and GPU and you have the making of a very sleek and elegant system. Next up perhaps modders could ask for a black and white Twin Frozr cooler variant on MSI GPUs?

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