MSI Unveils First AMD X870 Motherboards for AMD Ryzen 9000 CPUs

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅03.06.2024 17:02:06
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MSI unveils the first two AMD X870 motherboards that support the newly introduced AMD Ryzen 9000 Series processors. To be exhibited at COMPUTEX 2024, the MAG X870 TOMAHAWK WIFI and PRO X870-P WIFI motherboards feature support for the AMD Ryzen 9000 Series processors along with a couple of enhancements that aim to improve the PC building experience.

MSI X870 Motherboards Product Features

In this latest generation of motherboards, we've unveiled several highly anticipated features, including the all-new "EZ PCIe Release" and "EZ PCIe Clip II." The EZ PCIe Release enables users to effortlessly remove graphics cards installed in the primary PCIe Gen 5.0 Slot on X870-based motherboards. Meanwhile, the updated EZ PCIe Clip II boasts an improved hooking mechanism, enhancing both removal and installation ease.

When it comes to graphics cards, their increasing size and weight can strain the motherboard. To address this, MSI has enhanced all its motherboards with three additional anchor points and thicker material used for the slots. This modification enables the PCIe slot to be 121% stronger compared to the previous generation PCIe Steel Armor slot. Able to withstand twice the weight of the graphics card, ensuring stability and reliability without any concerns.

Introducing MSI's second generation of EZ M.2 Clip II, making installation and removal of M.2 SSD storage easier than ever. Featuring a new Screwless design, removal is effortless with a simple squeeze of the side latches to open the Screwless M.2 Frozr entirely. Installing is just as straightforward - a simple push locks the M.2 SSD in place, while removal requires only a slight pull to the left.

As newer devices continue to advance in speed, MSI's motherboards are also receiving an upgrade. All X870 motherboards are equipped with Lightning PCIe Gen 5.0 and M.2 slots, maximizing the bandwidth potential of modern devices. Additionally, a USB 4 connector is now standard on all MSI X870 motherboards, supporting speeds of up to 40GB/s.

Besides lightning-fast storage, uninterrupted connectivity is crucial for swift data transfer and seamless networking experiences. MSI has also upgraded the Wi-Fi antenna module with a quick-release mechanism, simplifying installation on any PC build. The MSI MAG X870 TOMAHAWK WIFI and MSI PRO X870-P WIFI are both outfitted with cutting-edge 5G LAN, Wi-Fi 7, and Bluetooth 5.4 technologies. Whether you're gaming or multitasking, you can trust that they'll effortlessly manage any tasks or applications, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

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