MSI Unveils MPG EZ120 ARGB Daisy-Chain Fans with Magnetic Connectors

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅30.05.2024 23:33:20

MSI is getting into the daisy-chain fan trend with the new MPG EZ120 ARGB fan. Offered in black and white colours, the MPG EZ120 ARGB features a magnetic frame that allows it to attach and detach with other MPG EZ120 ARGB fans with ease. The daisy-chain fan mechanism was wildly disputed last year with LIAN LI suing a couple of companies including Phanteks with regards to potential patent infringement. Nevertheless, more brands jumped into the trend moving forward and today MSI joins the craze.

Unlike the LIAN LI UNI FAN wherein the fans connect power and RGB signal with direct contact, the MPG EZ120 ARGB uses a magnetic clip for the connection. Hence, this could be a workaround the LIAN LI patent. MSI also claims it uses a “Patented Magnetic Connector Block”. Like most of the daisy-chain fans, the MPG EZ120 ARGB only needs one end of the fans to be wired and connected to the source whether the motherboard or fan/RGB controller.

Key Features
Patented Magnetic Connector Block
Magnetic Design optimizes installation experience
Exclusive Fluid Dynamic Bearing with Extra Nut Fixing
Copper Tube
Optional features: Fan hub & Daisy-chain cable are included in 3-fan/pack

MSI did not reveal pricing as of this writing. To learn more, visit

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