MSI Unveils The AI-UVC Disinfection Robot to Fight COVID-19

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The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted almost all industries of the world including manufacturing, tourism, transportation, food, and others. There has been an increased awareness regarding the importance of public health and hygiene. This led to high demand for hardware and software for medical systems for the public particularly issue of improvement or effective reduction of Cluster Infection in hospitals. With this in mind, MSI unveils the “AI-UVC Disinfection Robot” for disinfection and cleaning at hospitals and clinics.

The MSI AI-UVC Disinfection Robot

The MSI “AI-UVC Disinfection Robot” can operate for hours without any supervision. Several sets of UVC 253.7 nm UV lights were built-in and could perform up to 160,000μWs/cm2 to kill germs or reduce the resistance of germs to radiation. The MSI AI-UVC Disinfection Robot can perform bacteriostatic functions in public places with high density or poor ventilation such as clinics and hospitals.

In addition, the medical AI robot features MSI’s AMR transport platform which can be used for other functional modules such as air quality monitoring, voluntary virus removal, simulcasting public health education, sorting out patients with high temperature and others. This medial AI robot could perform the voluntary duty of fighting an epidemic at hospitals and clinics and help minimize contact between patients and medical staff.

MSI is engaged in a joint venture with the “Indoor Air Quality Diagnostic Laboratory” at the Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering of Ming Chi University of Technology and POWER JADE LINK ENERGY TECHNOLOGY INC. in launching the “Determination and Application of Purification Function for Artificial Intelligence Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot” project, with lab validation and field accreditation at Chheng Hok Senior Home and Chinfu Hospital at Sanxia. The robot is installed on the floor between the main hall and the hallway with the design of the motion line and motion speed of the UV disinfection robots and yielded a positive result.

Article Source: MSI

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