MSI Z77 MPOWER Launches

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MSI, one of the world’s Top-3 Graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, is extremely happy to announce the availability of the MSI Z77 MPOWER, world’s first OC Certified mainboard. With the Z77 MPOWER MSI is changing the game for everyone looking to get the best performance out of their CPU without worrying about long-term stability. Thanks to the OC Essentials, Military Class III components and Twin Frozr IV inspired thermal design the MSI Z77 MPOWER can withstand extreme loads in long duration overclocking tests. All in all, the MSI Z77 MPOWER promises to be the best choice for gamers and overclockers alike.

OC Certified

OC Certified is MSI’s overclocking testing procedure where MSI's Z77 MPOWER mainboard is tested for stability with a 24-hour Prime95 stress test. OC Certified tests a mainboard in three key areas:

* OC Performance
* Stable Power
* PWM Cooling

OC Performance means that all OC Certified tests are run at a minimum of 4.6 GHz CPU speed, this simulates the high-end overclock range of today’s 3rd Generation Intel Core CPUs. Stable Power is tested by running Prime95 for 24-hours in low airflow conditions. This ensures that the PWM is capable of supplying stable power to the CPU under extreme conditions. The PWM cooling is stressed in low-airflow conditions combined with high overclocks. Other motherboards might become unstable or fail under these conditions.

OC Essentials

With OC Essentials the MSI Z77 MPOWER provides all the essential overclocking tools for everyday and extreme overclocking. On-board Power and reset buttons. V-Check Points to accurately measure voltages for the CPU, integrated graphics, memory, and PCH. The two-digit Debug LED shows the exact system status while booting (for easy troubleshooting) and displays the CPU temperature when running in the OS. Multi-BIOS II is a safety feature that ensures a working BIOS even if it fails once. An Indicator light will always show which revision of the BIOS you are running. Finally, a ClearCMOS button resets your BIOS in case you pushed the settings a bit too far.

Military Class III

MSI’s Military Class is the backbone of many overclocking records and also responsible for MSI’s great power efficiency and overclocking stability. MSI’s Military Class III components are certified to the MIL-S T D-810G standard which demands the highest level of stability from components put through extreme conditions extreme heat and freezing cold temperatures, extreme temperature fluctuations and shock & drop tests.

The Z77 MPOWER is built with these Military Class III components:

* Hi-c CAP
* Solid CAP

Technical Specifications

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