MSI's GK-601 Dragon Edition Enters The Fray

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13.01.2014 20:00:18

MSI UK are teasing a new variant of the GK-601 mechanical keyboard - the GK-601 Dragon Edition. A new shot promotional piece on their Facebook page shows the keyboard alongside the current GK-601 and classic 'CK' models, each of which catered to other target markets - the business sector for the 'classic' CK-series and MSI enthusiast fans with the yellow and black vanilla Gk-601. The new keyboard will match both the Dragon line of gaming hardware and their GAMING motherboards and graphics cards, for those who demand a themed look to their PC.

If the specs of the new keyboard match that of the original GK-601 it will include:

* Cherry MX Red mechanical switches
* Full N-key rollover
* 128kb on-board memory
* Rebindable keyset
* Laser-etched keycaps
* LED Backlight
* USB 2.0 and audio passthrough

There's no information on if any of the GK-601 models will reach these shores; during our last conversation with MSI they expressed a reticence in bringing the keyboard to the UK and Europe. MSI UK posting this promo shot on their Facebook Wall may indicate that they've changed their mind, but it's also not certain that a version entering the UK would have a full UK layout.

For more information on the GK-601 visit the product page in the Dragon Army microsite.

EDIT: We've had word through from MSI. There will be a UK layout version for sale when it transitions over here, and while the price is still TBD it's looking quite competitive for a full size mechanical keyboard.

Source: MSI UK

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