MSI's X99A GODLIKE Announces Its Presence With Seven Debut OC World Records

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅03.06.2015 18:18:48

Large enthusiast events tend to attract ravenous hordes of professional overclockers and Computex 2015 has been no different. Competing against each other and benchmarks previously set the world over, they finally get to test their skills face to face and with genuinely new and cutting edge hardware.

At Computex this year the G.Skill Overclocking World Record Stage has been the platform for these attempts, supported by hardware manufacturers eager to make a name for their new baby by grabbing an early record when in the hands of the best of the best. Overnight MSI were early out of the blocks with eight records, and is sure to compete for more are the event continues.

First up were the BenchBros, equipped with the brand new MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING motherboard and the flagship Intel Core i7-5960X. They were able to seize two records with this configuration: HWBOT Prime @ 9761.78 pps and Cinebench R11.5 @ 25.82 points, both of which were top scores with this CPU and all eight-core CPUs. Not content with this, they also hit a Unigine Heaven world best with two MSI GTX TITAN X GPUs in SLI of 8813.06 DX11 Marks. Pretty good, and that's just the start.

Next comes Wizerty, also equipped with a MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING motherboard, Intel Core i7-5960X and 2x MSI GTX TITAN X GPUs, who have come away from the World Record Stage with two high water marks. Both GPU PI For CPU 1B @ Core speed: 2min 16sec 938ms and Catzilla 1440P @ 32408 marks put them well up there in the world rankings as well as being the best for that class of CPU and GPU configuration.

Rocking the (relatively venerable) MSI X99 XPOWER AC was Vivi, who came away with the gong for DDR4 memory clock at 2201 MHz. Normally you'd expect the memory controller to mature significantly with later platform releases and yet the X99 XPOWER AC was one of the earliest X99 boards released; the record speaks to the impressive work MSI did with their Haswell-E launch lineup.

Finally comes Zzolio, once again sporting the so-far very successful configuration of MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING, Core i7-5960X and 2x MSI GTX TITAN X GPUs. Clocking his 5960X all the way to 5922MHz he was able to reach a new mark in Cinebench R15 of 2381 cb, and 81947 marks in Catzilla 720p.

A fantastic first public outing for MSI's new GAMING motherboard, and the potential of more to come later this week as records tend to tumble with great frequency. But before you sit back and think that it's all very well for them but you'll never bench this far, consider: professional overclockers are also effectively consultants to manufacturers, lessons learned at events and extended testing sessions then feed back into the hardware R&D process. Whether it be a tip in improving stability, or just iterating on the UEFI GUI, it's all tremendously valuable.

Plus, extreme overclocking just looks cool.

For more information on the records check out their respective HWBOT links, and more MSI news can be found at

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