NETGEAR Partner With Mila For On-Site Home Networking Installation

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BRACKNELL, UK – December 9th, 2021 - NETGEAR, Inc., a leading manufacturer of wireless home networking equipment, announces the launch of an on-site installation service in partnership with Mila, Europe's leading provider of technical assistance.

The service is designed to provide peace of mind and takes full responsibility for the installation of NETGEAR's connectivity solutions including the award-winning Orbi WiFi 6 systems. The service includes

- Fast installation: appointment within 24 hours of request made directly on Mila's website,
- Appointment date and time at the purchaser's convenience,
- High quality service: Mila installers are trained and tested by Mila according to NETGEAR quality requirements and evaluated by customers,
- Service available throughout UK / Germany / Switzerland/ France

“This new service through Mila illustrates NETGEAR's commitment to helping users save time and better manage their connected devices at home, including Orbi WiFi 6 Mesh systems,” says Ollie Randal, Regional Director NETGEAR UK. “Users will be offered explanations on how the guest WiFi network works or how to set up the NETGEAR Armor security solution.”

This service covers a selection of NETGEAR products, including Meural connected canvases and frame, 4G (and soon 5G) routers, Nighthawk WiFi routers and Orbi WiFi 6 Premium Mesh systems with multiple satellites.

Meural connected canvas and frames are one of the solutions
Mila and NETGEAR can help you install

"The NETGEAR brand fits perfectly into Mila's portfolio of partner brands," said Chris Viatte, CEO and founder of Mila, Inc. "Every home and business needs fast, reliable Internet service, accessible in every room of the house or office with the best WiFi. and business needs fast, reliable WiFi. The partnership with NETGEAR, making Mila an authorized installation specialist, allows us to provide a complete service offering to customers in France."

As an ideal complement to the products sold through NETGEAR's UK online shop, the installation service is designed to provide the smoothest possible experience through the expertise of Mila's Friends, who will be dedicated to optimising every aspect of home WiFi. Mila installers will set up NETGEAR's solutions in the best possible way, for example by deactivating the ISP’s WiFi and setting up a new WiFi network.


The home installation service operated by Mila is offered exclusively on the NETGEAR online shop at a recommended price of £45 for Orbi kits and £40 for other Meural connected frames and routers. Finally, the service is guaranteed: payment is only made if the customer is fully satisfied.

More information on the compatible products and the benefits of this new service here.

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