New ASUS Laptop Models To Incorporate 120Hz Panel Tech.

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅30.05.2016 12:40:30

Just last week component powerhouse ASUS were teasing an upcoming Republic of Gamers laptop with some impressive graphics capabilities. Now however they've divulged a little more regarding their refreshed range of gaming notebooks, namely a new class of high refresh-rate screen that will appear in 15" and 17" designs.

Known under the collective umbrella of 'Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle' (AHVA) panels, the screens have been developed to improve colour reproduction and contrast at extreme viewing angles. Not only should this mean that the user experience will improve, but also anyone around looking in to see how they're performing. Additionally the panels will also support a refresh rate up to 120Hz, double that of typical laptop monitors and 50% higher than many premium gaming models. ASUS believe that these improvements have been implemented without undermining colour reproduction, the quality of which is unchanged from previous ROG models.

It should be unsurprising to hear that these laptops will also support NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, exploiting their use of NVIDIA GeForce graphics and a high refresh rate panel. NVIDIA G-SYNC refreshes the display only when a new frame is rendered by a GPU, eliminating tearing (compared with non V-Sync modes) and reducing latency (compared with V-Sync).

The ASUS ROG range of 15" and 17" laptops is set to be revealed at Computex2016 this week. Exact specifications, including the GPU residing in each, will hopefully be detailed at the same time.

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