New Enermax LED Fan Generation T.B Vegas and T.B Apollish

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Press Release

Last year, the Enermax Apollish series revolutionized the LED fan segment. Its patented circular LED light with 15 diodes provides bright and intense colours and reaches a level never seen before. Apollish has become a synonym for brilliant and stylish case cooling. The curved light reflection is the most outstanding characteristic of the Enermax fans. It occurs in transaction with the high-glossy coating, which is applied by the co-called sputter deposition method. This costly technique is used in car industry to refine rims or mirrors. Now, Enermax’ engineers successfully developed an alternative solution: The new Focus Blades with light reflex strips make the Enermax LED fans affordable for a wider range of customers, providing the same effects and intensity like Apollish.

T.B.Apollish: LED Fan for Everyone
The new T.B.Apollish series is based on a mass-suitable concept: It combines the unique appearance of the Apollish series with the excellent price-performance ratio of the T.B.Silence fans.Therewith, Enermax offers finally a low-budget LED fan at a very attractive entry level price of £5.99 (T.B.Apollish 8cm, MSRP incl. VAT). The patented circular LED light includes 9 to 15 diodes and easily surpasses all ordinary LED fans. Furthermore, users benefit from the excellent cooling performance of the new T.B.Apollish series. The patented Twister bearing ensures smooth and efficient operation. T.B.Apollish works at a constant speed of 1,600, 900 or 750 RPM, depending on the fan size.

T.B.Apollish is available in three sizes with 8cm, 12cm and 14cm, and in two different colours, blue and red (only 12cm and 14cm). MSRP incl. VAT: £5.99 for the 8cm model, £8.99 for the 12cm version and £12.99 for the T.B.Apollish 14cm. Technical details and photos:

T.B.Vegas Duo and Trio: Gorgeous Effects
The new ATX Midi Tower Luxuray has been a foretaste of the new multi-colour LED fan series T.B.Vegas Duo and T.B.Vegas Trio. They are based on the patented circular LED light, which is already applied in other Enermax fan series. Indeed, instead of 18 diodes, the manufacturer uses two or three times more diodes. According to that, T.B. Vegas Trio is equipped with in sum 54 diodes – 18 blue, 18 red and 18 green diodes. An integrated circuit allows for up to 14 different and gorgeous effects. Apart from the colour combination, the main difference between both T.B.Vegas series is the RPM control: While T.B.Vegas Duo provides a variable, manual fan speed controller, T.B.Vegas Trio can be regulated by the mainboard pulse width modulation (PWM). Both fan series further profit from the durable Twister bearing, ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

T.B.Vegas Duo (blue-red) is available in following sizes: 8cm (MSRP incl. VAT: £10.99), 12cm (MSRP incl. VAT: £15.99) and 14cm (MSRP incl. VAT: £19.99). T.B.Vegas Trio (blue-red-green) comes out with 12cm (MSRP incl. VAT: £20.99).

Technical details and photos: or

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