New Google Chrome 53 Boasts Speed and Power Savings

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅07.09.2016 18:13:19

Google released a new version of the Chrome web browser, the Chrome 53, which features significant energy savings. Comparing the new Chrome version to the previous year's version, the new Chrome 53 displayed a double-digit improvement in battery life of the device as well as loading speed. With this update, Chrome promises to get things done faster and lighter for your computer which in turn spell energy savings. Watch the short clip below comparing the older Chrome 46 released in 2015 and the new Chrome 53 version.

Web browsing has become a part of any modern man's life and its has been Chrome's objective to make that more efficient by making it faster. The new Chrome 53 is 15% faster for both desktop and Android compared to the older Chrome 46 based on the tests. This doesn't only mean faster web browsing, getting things done faster also spell energy savings which is crucial to handheld devices. Power savings are more significant when you are watching a video using Chrome on sites like Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo compared to older versions of Chrome.

For devices that use power measurement tools, users will experience a significant increase of battery life with the new Chrome 53. For the case of Mac, Chrome 53 cuts down power use for everything from watching videos to scanning images by around 33%. Whether you are on a vacation, going outdoors or simply away from a continuous power source, Chrome 53 will help you browse, scan and watch faster and in a more power efficient manner.


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