New GTA V release tipped to rake in 1bn in sales

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅09.09.2013 05:59:40

GTA V has been five years in the making and promises some incredible gameplay elements from bank heists and skydiving through to stock trading and yoga. It is one of the most popular gaming franchises so there is little doubt that it will make a tidy profit despite it's massive 170 million. This puts its budget up there with many hollywood blockbusters.

Rockstar Games and Take-Two interactive are clearly making sure that this game is one of, if not the best open-world game ever and it looks like the message is getting across. There have been over 2.5 million pre-orders in the US alone.

The new game revolves around a satirical recreation of southern California. With players able to switch between three protagonists, the 49-square-mile world boasts a welter of activities, such as scuba diving with sharks and hijacking trains.

In order to realise their most ambitious game yet, Rockstar Norths 300-strong staff analysed census data, vehicle sales records and hundreds of thousands of photographs to depict Los Angeles and its environs.

Based on this a lot of work has gone into creating the world. Aaron Garbut, the series art director also made several visits to California, consulting off-duty police and architectural historians so he could create a bustling alternate reality. He stated:

I think, most of all, what weve done is create a world that you can lose yourself in. A place thats interesting and fun to live in. Ive effectively lived more in the game world than I have in Edinburgh over the past several years as weve filled it out.

Hopefully all this work will pay off in the game when its released next week.

Are you looking forward to the game?

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