New Intel CPU's Released, Priced

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅30.01.2012 15:36:24

New Intel CPU's without integrated graphics have been officially announced this week following speculation for the last month or so. Included in the release details are MSRPs for each CPU and the fact that they have disabled graphics, which holds few surprises.

The most significant of the CPU's is the Core i5-2550K: a quad-core, four thread, multiplier unlocked part similar to the i5-2500K. As reported it features a standard 3.4GHz frequency and 3.8GHz Turbo mode, one multiplier higher than the i5-2500K, and no integrated graphics. At $225, the MSRP for the 2550K is $9 more than the current i5-2500K; whist a good choice for those with P67 motherboards who don't intend to overclock, other platforms may find the 2500K more suitable as it's cheaper and includes integrated graphics.

The i5-2380P and i5-2450P will retail for $177 and $195 respectively. Both are quad-core, 4-thread parts with locked multipliers and 95W TDP; neither CPU has integrated graphics. Clocked at 3.1GHz and 3.2GHz respectively, with 3.4 and 3.5GHz Turbo Modes, the parts are only suitable for non-overclockers who have no need nor desire for integrated graphics options.

Additional mobile Celeron CPUs are also available, including the ULV dual-core 867 and single-core 797 sporting 1.3GHz and 1.4GHz respectively. The new range of CPUs is round out with the dual-core Celeron B815 and single-core B720 clocked at 1.6GHz and 1.7GHz and a higher TDP than the ULV variants.

It shouldn't be too long before CPUs are with retailers, and in the case of the Core i5-variants should be available in both Boxed and OEM versions. We're now awaiting news on whether, like the 2700K, the 2550K is a better 'clocking CPU than the 2500K. The broad binning used for these CPUs - a failed graphics core - makes this unlikely, but difficult to know for sure until end-users report back.

Sources: CPU-World, VR-Zone
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New Intel CPU's Released, Priced


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#22914 Posted on: 30.01.2012 17:16:08
So is the 2550K just the same as a 2500K but with the on board graphics locked and overclocks better? That warrents a small price increase I spose, not everyone uses on board graphics, or really needs it, seems like a good choice for gamers.

New Intel CPU's Released, Priced

Suicidal Zebra

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#22916 Posted on: 30.01.2012 18:02:57
We should stress, the 2550K *may* overclock to higher frequencies. Unfortunately there's no way of knowing without gathering the results of buyers vs current users of the 2500K.

Personally, I wish they had called it the 2500KP, given it the same multiplier and turbo as the 2500K, and sold it at around the same price as the vanilla 2500. The way they have done it just causes more customer confusion, and I'd wager the retailers are more than a little miffed too.

New Intel CPU's Released, Priced

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#22924 Posted on: 30.01.2012 22:22:01
The 2550K's multi is increased by 1 compared to the 2500K. The problem is that they can't name it the 2600K which also shares it clock speed but it still requires a higher nomenclature due to its clock speed. I imagine they never thought they would be marketing this CPU eventually hence the rather strange choice they opted for in the end.

New Intel CPU's Released, Priced

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#22931 Posted on: 31.01.2012 00:33:45
Confusion is always good...

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