New NETGEAR Cloud Managed WiFi 6 APs Now Available For The 'Ultimate Business WIFI'

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After a somewhat muted start, the market penetration of components compliant with the latest WiFi 6 wireless networking standard is growing apace, and NETGEAR are at the forefront in catering to consumer and business needs. This week they are announcing availability of a new selection of hardware options for business in the form of the WAX610 family, a pair of Cloud Managed Dual-Band Access Points for indoor and outdoor use.

NETGEAR's WAX610 and WAX610Y (outdoor) are part their range of Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX1800 Access Points, and specifically cater to the increased capacity requirements of business environments. The WAX610 family has increased capacity for more simultaneous connections in addition to network stability and security necessary for a business-class solution. NETGEAR outline their projected uses-cases as follows:


- Ideal in moderate to high density client device environments such as offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and medical centers.
- Provides enterprise-grade WiFi network security with WPA3.
- Supports Insight Remote Cloud Management, the perfect choice for managed service providers and integrators who must offer their customers the latest feature rich WLAN technology with little overhead and minimum IT cost.
- Works seamlessly with NETGEAR Insight managed switches, routers and network storage.
- Also compatible with previous generation WiFi client devices and Access Points (WiFi 5 (802.11ac) or WiFi 4 (802.11n)).


- Complements the WAX610 for use in outdoor settings.
- Designed to provide advanced WiFi connectivity in harsh environments including prolonged exposure to sunlight, cold, frost, snow, rainfall, hail and humidity.
- Rated IP55 which supports continued operation in adverse weather conditions with temperatures that range from -20C to 60C.
- Ideally suited for construction sites, loading docks, school playgrounds and restaurants with outside dining.


WiFi 6, otherwise known as 802.11ax, offers up to 70% faster speed to wireless devices than WiFi 5 thanks in part to significantly improved network management where numerous devices are connected to a node. Smart devices show no signs of disappearing - quite the reverse - and WiFi 6 aims to better handle day-to-day operations even when a hand-off approach is taken. Although particularly important to SMBs going forward, WiFi 6 will also prove crucial to to the Smart-connected homes of the future.

The WAX610 family incorporates updated WiFi 6 technologies including OFDMA and upstream and downstream MU-MIMO. Future-minded support, regular updates and expanded capacities provides the assurances necessary for scalability to cover developments in your business both in terms of the number of connected devices and geographic sprawl.

Key Features

Unprecedented WiFi Security for Businesses

Small and medium organisations are now able to provide enterprise-level security without the enterprise cost. The Insight remote management solution helps with easy configuration and maintaining the security of the network.

- WPA3 for the highest level of WiFi connection security

- Eight separate wireless networks (SSIDs) can be used for administration, employees, customers or guests and IoT devices (WiFi surveillance cameras, thermostats, door locks and sensors) with separate and secure VLANs

- Dynamic VLAN per RADIUS user assignment, a feature specially designed for businesses who use RADIUS to efficiently manage user accounts and access

NETGEAR Insight Remote Cloud Management Solution

Unique and advanced features in the Insight Managed devices include:

- Instant discovery and setup of your Insight Managed Wireless Access Points
- Centralised configuration of wireless networks, SSID, WiFi security and roaming policies and VLAN tie-ins with switches, ports and PoE, for efficient and secure networks
- Remote monitoring and simplified ongoing firmware management of your Insight Managed devices (WiFi, switches, routers, NAS) with performance dashboards, alerts and troubleshooting features including remote reboot
- Single pane-of-glass multi-device, multi-network, multi-site and multi-tenancy remote monitoring and notifications


Learn more about how the Insight Remote Management Solution can help enhance network management for small business through the Insight Demo on


NETGEAR Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX1800 Dual-band Access Point (WAX610) is available and shipping today in the US and Europe in variants with the following price guidelines:

WAX610-100NAS in the UK for 174.99

WAX610-100EUS in Continental Europe for 189.99 and US at $179.99

NETGEAR Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX1800 Dual-band Outdoor Access Point (WAX610Y) is available via pre-order and will be shipping in both the US and Europe in Q3 2020:

WAX610Y-100NAS in the UK for 249.99

WAX610Y-100EUS in Continental Europe for 269.99 and the US at $249.99

Additional details on the range and other wireless networking solutions are available at

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