New Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB D5 Memory DDR5 Comes In Six Colours

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Press Release

Thermaltake is thrilled to introduce TOUGHRAM RGB D5, providing 6 TT Premium classic heat-spreader color designs: Black, White, Racing Red, Metallic Gold, Turquoise, and Racing Green. Equipped with 8 high-lumen LEDs and premium software support, the TOUGHRAM RGB D5 allows users to customize their RGB lighting effects and enjoy a dynamic lighting experience. The Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB D5 comes with frequencies up to 5600 MT/s and capacities up to 32GB (16GB x2) as well as ensuring its speed and stability with its high-quality components.

The TOUGHRAM RGB D5 contains tightly-screened memory ICs and optimizes a 10-layer PCB with a superior copper inner layer, achieving supreme frequency and response time performance. For an unhindered performance at its best, the TOUGHRAM RGB D5 is built with a doubled bank group architecture to enable greater capacities without lag and includes on-die error correction code (ECC) to automatically rectify bit errors in chips. On top of that, in comparison to DDR4 memory, DDR5 memory has improved power efficiency through its native Power Management IC (PMIC) with merely 1.1V of low operating voltage.

Besides the powerful performance, the TOUGHRAM RGB D5 also provides multiple appearance color options and visual aesthetics. The TOUGHRAM RGB D5 has been coated with an aluminum finish, and there are 6 coating colors to choose from. It not only includes the classic Black and White, but also has bold colors, such as Racing Red, Metallic Gold, Turquoise, and Racing Green, allowing users to have more flexibility for their PC builds. To level up the gaming experience, the TOUGHRAM RGB D5 features 8 high-lumen addressable LEDs for splendid RGB lighting. Supported by TT RGB plus 2.0 software, the light bar can deliver 16.8 million full spectrum RGB colors with over 25 pre-set dynamic lighting effects. Gamers can synchronize their TT RGB PLUS compatible products to create the RGB ecosystem and immerse themselves in the RGB world.

Possessing DDR5-qualified modules, 6 TT Premium classic heat-spreaders color options, and vibrant RGB lighting, the TOUGHRAM RGB D5 is an ideal memory for achieving both high-performance and stylish PC builds at the same time, demonstrate your DDR5 memory in your own way!

Key Features

Aluminum Heat Sink
The use of aluminum heat sinks delivers exceptional heat dissipation to meet high-performance needs. Come in 6 TT Premium classic heat-spreaders designs–Black, White, Racing Red, Metallic Gold, Turquoise, and Racing Green.

Optimized 10-layer PCB with Copper
A specially optimized 10-layer PCB with a copper inner layer provides enhanced electrical conduction to deliver uncompromised speed and reliability for maximum overclocking performance.

Tightly-Screened ICs
Memory chips are thoroughly screened to provide optimal frequency and response time performance.

Capacity Doubled for Better Efficiency
With a doubled bank group architecture, the new Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB D5 enhances access availability and brings you higher capacities without lag, leading the way to next-gen memory.

More Energy Savings
The new DDR5 memory features a built-in Power Management IC (PMIC) to enhance power supply stability with just 1.1V low operating voltage, resulting in optimized power efficiency compared with DDR4.

Long-term Stability
On-die error correction code (ECC) allows memory modules to correct errors automatically which brings increased stability and reliability. Built-in Power Management IC, to enhance power supply stability.

Illuminate and Impress
8 super-bright addressable LEDs deliver 16.8 million full spectrum RGB colors with dynamic lighting effects to bring your gaming system to life.

Exclusive TOUGHRAM Software
Monitor real-time temperature, frequency, and performance via the simple interface with ease, and create stunning lighting effects with over 25 lighting modes, all included in the TOUGHRAM software. Users can also sync with TT RGB PLUS to maximize unique settings for their RGB color theme.

TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem
Light up your system with almost limitless possibilities and synchronize your TT RGB PLUS compatible products (CPU/VGA water blocks, AIO CPU coolers, PSUs, LED strips, gaming keyboards, headsets, mice, and mouse pads) to create an RGB ecosystem that is truly unique to you.

Intel XMP 3.0 / AMD EXPO Ready
Overlock with ease and optimize system stability with a simple setting.

Thermaltake did not reveal pricing as of this writing. For more information on Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB D5 Memory DDR5 5600MTs 32GB, please visit Thermaltake Technology.

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