Newegg Expands Services and Localized Payment Options Globally

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Newegg is one of the popular tech-oriented online stores in North America. As Newegg’s growth continues, it moves to expand its eCommerce business globally to include Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. Today, Newegg offers localized payment options, shipping, and improved customer service to cater buyers from selected countries and regions worldwide. You can find the region-country selector on the upper-right side of the homepage to check products available for purchase based on your location.

Newegg’s Global Expansion

Newegg aims to reach a total of 50 countries with its current beta program that started its global expansion efforts in June. Newegg developed its global infrastructure to support the beta launch and growth targeting those 50 countries. Today, Newegg offers the following below:
Growing Product Assortment: Newegg’s product count in each of the 50 countries it serves now averages hundreds of thousands of SKUs, with the goal of exceeding a one-million SKU count average in 2018.
Localized Payment: The majority of international customers can now pay in their local currency, using credit cards, e-Wallet payment options such as PayPal, as well as localized payment methods such as direct transfer and debit cards in select countries. Newegg continues to invest in optimizing the site to offer a truly localized shopping experience for its international customers. To that end, Newegg is proud to announce that Paysafecard will soon be available as a payment method on in select countries.
PayPal: Now customers in 48 of the 50 countries Newegg currently serves can purchase with PayPal, one of the best-known payment-solution providers in e-commerce. Furthermore, customers in select countries in Asia Pacific and Latin America will be eligible for a 10% discount on purchases made via PayPal (offer valid Nov. 6 – Dec. 31 in select Asia Pacific and Latin American countries, $10 maximum discount).
Customer Service: Newegg is expanding customer service support internationally, with local support now available in a total of 11 languages.
Simplified Pricing: Streamlined pricing now includes duties and other fees up-front at checkout as part of the initial purchase price – no need to worry about figuring out duties after the order has been shipped.

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